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Hi I used Chantix to quit smoking-my quit date was March 2nd-Chantix made it pretty easy, I smoked for 23 years. As soon as I started taking Chantix I had bloating and constipation-cut my dose in half and things got better. I have gained 10 pounds in the process. 4years ago I lost 40 pounds and have been on a low GI diet ever since and have maintained the weight loss. So this 10 pounds is completely freaking me out-I can not get it to budge. I weaned myself off Chantix and have been completly off for about a 9 days. I am extremely frustrated. Do you think my metabolism has slowed that much from not smoking? I am very conscious of what I eat and have not increased have been very controlled and increased activity-walking dogs and light weight lifting. Any thoughts, help, suggestions?

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