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Welcome to the message board. Please come back often!!

Congratulations on being nicotine free for 9 days!! WAY TO GO!!

I think I agree with everyone else, you need to go see your doctor and explain what is going on with you. See if there is anything that can help you get over the withdrawals. I took the Chantix. But you are almost through the worst part of the withdrawals. Going cold turkey is very brave!! I admire anyone who can do that. You are to be commended.
How are your cravings? You need to be eating healthy right now and drinking lots of water and juice.
Since you quit smoking, your Lexapro dosage might need to be adjusted.
Call your doc and talk to him/her.

Good Luck to you!!
Please come on back and let us know how you are doing. You will get the support you need here.


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