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:wave: Hi All!

No one is more stunned with disbelief than me that I have QUIT smoking and now I have 1 month under my belt. See Sara, I am catching up with you. Great job True Brit, Sara and I will both catch up with you soon. :jester:

Every day I am simply amazed, especialy when I wake up and I now no longer even think of smoking. When I started to wake up in the mornings and my first thoughts were NOT of smoking that morning cigarette, well that was the most wonderful transition of all. When that started to happen I knew there was hope that this QUIT was going to work for me.

Even now I rarely think about smoking. I do though quite often think about the money I am saving now and also the money I wasted on cigarettes in the past just so I could continue with my nicotine addiction.

Nicotine tricks us into believing lies and to keep smoking we just keep telling ourselves those lies over and over. That is why in spite of all the evidence of the harm of nictoine that smokers still smoke and make the decision that they are willing to pay the consequences. Most smokers either hope or really think the consequences won't happen to THEM.

I have never seen a lung cancer victim who did not wish he/she had not stopped smoking earlier on. I had a husband die of lung cancer in '93, he wished he could have QUIT but even with the diagnosis he continued to smoke until his death. Even that was not enough for me to QUIT smoking, the addiction was just too strong for me to stop.

Thank you all for your support, those first few weeks I could not have made it without you. :)

:blob_fire Sapphire :blob_fire

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