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Due to previous problems, the rules of posting are being emphasized in regard to Chantix discussion.

Reregistering is not acceptable. If you want to come back, you need to deal with what got you banned, by emailing board use admin. and agree to post only within the rules and mod instructions.

These limits are not open for discussion or debate:

[B]This is a smoking cessation board, [U]not[/U] a Chantix board.[/B]
Chantix may be discussed by name, but Chantix users are not to dominate the board or post exclusive threads. Chantix users should show support to members that use other methods. Expect that anyone may reply on your thread, either pro or con.

[*]All cessation methods may be discussed.

[*]Pro & con opinions are both welcome on any thread.

[*]Personal attacks will earn you a permanent ban.
Defending a drug or treatment is not allowed. Posting defensively or reactively is not allowed.

[*]Never insist that someone else keep on using a drug/treatment.[/LIST]

[B]Agree to disagree agreeably and do not use threads to argue or debate. You do not know what is best for other people. What is good for you may not be good at all for another. Members are not qualified to tell others what to do.[/B]


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