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Has anyone here experienced vibrating,tingling,buzzing feeling after quitting smoking. I quit Feb 22, 2006 and by the 1st week of March I started noticing my feet tingling...then it gradually moved up my entire body. At the same time I went from Hypothyroid to Hyperthyroid, ended up stopping my thyroid medication and taking anti-thyroid drugs plus a beta blocker. In Sept I had RAI and am now on Synthroid. Had MRI and it shows no lesions thus no MS or Parkinsons. Neurologist says not Restless Leg Syndrome or Peripheral Neuropathy. Says it might be my thyroid but they really don't know!!!!

I'm thinking it's related to quitting smoking. This has been a year of hell and I could start smoking 10 times a day because of the way I feel. It's a catch 22 because if I start again to see if this god-awful feeling goes away, I'll be hooked again, which I really don't care at this point if this horrible feeling went away; but, would be DEVASTATED if I attempted it and it didn't alleviate the tingling. (Not to mention, a carton of cigarettes here now would be approximately $90 and I couldn't afford it before, and oh yeah, the wheezing the stopped IMMEDIATELY after quitting) what a mess!

Please, anyone go through this?

Sorry you're having such a rough time. I can't help with the problems you're having but I wanted to let you know that someone out here cares. You know the last thing you want to do is start smoking again. Perhaps the smoking just masked problems that have been with you for a while?! Can you get to a different doctor? Perhaps he/she would have some answers.

Hang in and i hope you get some answers and feel better!:angel:
[B]SRC[/B], congratulations on quitting smoking! :blob_fire :blob_fire Over a year, that is fabulous!!! Even if quitting smoking caused these feelings (and that is a big if), starting again will not help!! That thought is just the Nicodemon trying to get you to start again :nono:. You are stronger than that demon! Keep coming back and let us know how you are doing!! Please don't start smoking again. :angel:
Sorry, I can't help you there. But it seems to me someone else posted about something like that a while back. Hopefully they will see your post and post again. Maybe you can do search of the board and see what turns up.

I hope you were just frustrated when you said you thought about smoking again. I am so sorry you are going through this. Sending good thoughts your way!!

If you find out anything, please let us know.

Thanks for responding everyone. I was really hoping other people had gone through this sensation so I'd know it was the smoking and that maybe it would eventually go away. I don't even celebrate the fact that I'm a "non-smoker" now simply because I feel so ******. However, I really appreciate the kind words and support. I'll keep hangin' in there.

If you are still around on the board. It's been some months since you started this thread.

I smoke and want - need for health reasons to stop. However in the past every time I tried to stop I would get to about 5 or 6 days and the electrical feelings would kick in. The first time it happened I continued with my quit for about another month, the feelings became more uncomfortable. Then for other reasons stressful situation I started to smoke again, the electrical feelings went away.

In all my subsequent failed quits the electrical feelings were my cue to start smoking again.

I now have stage 4 terminal cancer, with metastasised tumours on my lungs and its very difficult to breath. I must stop smoking, yet fear of those electrical feelings keeps me smoking - stupid yes. I wake every night unable to breath and with a choking feeling it takes me about an hour and a half to breath without panting. So you see how important it is to stop smoking. I have smoked a pack a day for over 40 years.

I so want to stop - just don't know how, every day I stop for an hour or so then I sucome to the demon. I don't even like smoking anymore.

If you found a way to deal with the electrical feelings please let me know. I do hope that you are still a non-smoker.

Carol. I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I haven't been on this board for so long (had given up on any help for tingling). I don't know what to say except my thoughts are with you. I have wondered occasionally if the vibrating, tingling isn't a sign of cancer (had a mastectomy 5 years ago) and that the smoking masked it. Life takes terrible turns sometimes.

If you're still smoking,(this is just my opinion at this moment) I wouldn't fuss about quitting. My mom was on oxygen and we would just follow the protocol of taking her off it for 10 minutes and removing it from the room, wiping down her clothing so there would be no chance oxygen would ignite...then we'd give her a cigarette. I don't give a damn what other people would think about was her life, what little was left.

I'm still not smoking...almost two years...and it's been horrible with vibrating and tingling in my entire body. Am seeing a neurologist now who is going to start me on dopamine agonist drugs (possible RLS)
We might try a nicotine patch if the side effects become too much...or, who knows, I may start smoking again.

a big hug to you from a stranger.

...........I'm still not smoking...almost two years...and it's been horrible with vibrating and tingling in my entire body. Am seeing a neurologist now who is going to start me on dopamine agonist drugs (possible RLS)
We might try a nicotine patch if the side effects become too much...or, who knows, I may start smoking again.


I also have the tingling in my hand, feet, lower legs and sometimes my face. I've been smoke free for 4 months but only nicotine free for a bit over 2 months. I had previously smoked for over 35 years 1-2 packs per day.

I have been told that the feeling is not an uncommon side effect and should eventually go away. I do not have it as often in the last month or so and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I was told that as the blood circulation increases some nerves are that may not have been fully active are now waking up. After awhile the brain should become used to the extra nerve inputs and the tingling should quit.

What have you been told by your doctors? Thanks.......Red

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