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Re: Chantix
May 24, 2007
Hi there Sarmee,
Congratz on decideing to quit!

I'm no expert, but I will tell you about my short experience, thus far, with Chantix. I am on day 5 of the prescription & I really think this is a miracle drug. I've been smoking for about 9 years now, anywhere from 1 pack up to 2 packs a day. In the past I had quit coold turkey & that had lasted for about 3 months.

When I quit the cold turkey way, I was very very moody, on edge, and need I say a tad b*tchy for at least 2 weeks. Non-stop dreams about smoking, constant cravings. I hated driving places because thats when I smoke the most. I felt like I was always (as they say) "feening" for a cig.

You say your wedding is 1 week away & that is when you want to quit? I say go get the prescription now - they actually advise you start the program 1 week prior to your quit date. Reason being, you want to slowly introduce the drug into your system, which will reduce possible side effects. It's perfectly fine to continue smoking your first week on the drug (the starter pack).

From my understanding, the drug works by blocking nicotine receptors in the brain. It releases dompamine the "feel good" chemical in the brain. That "relaxed" sense u would get from a cigg.

Beleive it or not, on day "1" of the starter pack, I noticed a difference within 4 hrs of taking the first pill (I didnt wait the full week to quit because I already had a date picked). The best way to describe the feeling of smoking after on the drug is "no satisfaction". Sure, you have your cigg, but it's as if u got nothing out of almost feels like you have already had a cigg. Hope that makes sense, thats just how I felt.

I'm smoke free now & not even finished with the 1 week starter kit. I'm not moody, not on edge...I "almost" feel like I never picked up smoking. Don't get me wrong, you will get some cravings...but most are physical or just out of habit, and they pass quickly. So far, I havent been "feening" at all. I haven't felt like "I HAVE to have a cigg now!". I might kind of want one, but the "NEED" is gone.

For me at least, this has been a cake-walk compared to cold turkey. Hope this info helps!
Re: Chantix
May 25, 2007
DH, my mother and I are all on it. We started the starter pack on 5/7. My mother is a 40-year smoker, 3 packs a day; I'm a 21-year smoker, 2 1/2 packs a day; DH is a 10-year smoker, 1/2 pack a day. DH was able to quit smoking the closest to his quit date (one week after starting the med). My actual quit date ended up being 15 days after I started the med. My mom is hoping that this Monday will be her quit date, three weeks after she began the program.

I think this is different for everyone?

Either way, you definitely KNOW when you're done. Cigarettes begin to taste horrible on the med. They burn, too, burn your throat and mouth. If you enjoy smoking, this is a wonderful medication, because you suddenly don't enjoy them at all anymore.

It doesn't make quitting a piece of cake -- at least for DH & I, anyway. It's still REALLY hard! We're emotional, irritable ... I mean, it's taken the "edge" off, I suppose. But even last night, in our fog/zone of our initial days without cigs, we both said to each other that we didn't believe a cigarette would make us feel better. Honestly. Now, in all the times we've tried to quit before, we've never said that!

There are some side effects that some suffer from that you should read about, be aware of and have a plan of action to address if they're moderate. Vivd dreams and nausea are affecting me the most. I'm having to split my pills in half and take them four times a day instead of one pill twice a day. I did not have this problem the first week, only when I went up to the full dose.

You can do it!
Re: Chantix
May 25, 2007
I am on chantix and have been smoke free for 9 days. I think it is a great way to quit smoking. Only felt sick to my stomach the first day, after that I always take it with more problems. I do have vivid dreams thats a plus! Get started you only have the cigs to lose....GOOD LUCK!
Re: Chantix
May 25, 2007
Yeah, I really haven't had many side effects...I only felt naucious once, and that passed within 20 minutes. But so far, I have had the most awesome dreams while on the drug, and I think I sleep better too.
Re: Chantix
Jun 17, 2007
I am alittle bit worried...I feel kinda like a guinea pig being on chantix...I am just scarred that they dont know enough about this drug and its long term side effects..I have a really hard time sleeping at night its like my legs twitch and I toss and turn. I also have very vivid dreams but only sleep for an hour at a time and then wake up. I also feel like a fog is in my head. An sometimes in the morning unless I eat enough I get a stomach ache.
Re: Chantix
Jun 22, 2007

Hello Matt: Congratulations on your quit! This is the toughest time you will experience. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks smoke free for me and I was over four decades smoking up to 3 packs a day. I have followed the prescription to the letter and put them down on day 8. The first week was the toughest but surely was not intolerable. I honestly did not believe that it was possible for me to quit but I was willing to give Chantix a try because I really wanted to stop. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER THAN I HAVE IN YEARS! Steno is right, it feels wonderful to take deep breaths and not have my chest hurt, my garden smells wonderful, food tastes better (but I have lost 3 lbs. since my quit because I exercise more without gasping for air), it felt great to go into a new docs office and say I'm not a many things are so much better and I really cannot believe that the worst thing that I have faced was the fear of withdrawal! Small price to pay for the benefits I am already realizing. Please stay with it....your kids are worth it.[/QUOTE]

Hi, Nina :wave: Great to have you here!

WTG, WTG, WTG on four weeks!!!!! :blob_fire :blob_fire

I hit my four-week point Tuesday, so I'm at 31 days today. We quit right around the same time. I can't wait for the milestone where I stop counting. I'm sure I'll always remember the date, but first thing every morning, that "number" pops into my head. I'm ready for the first thought of my day to be something not revolving around my quit.

But I suppose it's all part of the journey, eh?

I've not taken Chantix to the letter, but it's helped me sooooo much. I quit on day 15, not day 8. Also, I could never get over the nausea, no matter what I did. So I've had to break them up and take four halves throughout the day instead of two whole pills. While I love that I'm no longer smoking, I don't want to be on this med any longer than I have to. I've struggled with joint and muscle pain, edema and crazy GI troubles. These set in when I began the med and was still smoking, and they've thankfully decreased as I've slowly decreased my dosage. I'm down to a half-pill a day now, and I think Sunday will be my last day.

DH had a horrible reaction to the med. He could only take it a few weeks, just long enough to get him a week through his quit. He really went a bit psycho, i.e., suicidal ideation, depression, feelings of rage and awful violence. He's a shy, quiet artist, about as sweet, gentle and sensitive as they come! I think seeing that firsthand, living with it, has had an impact on how I feel about the med. I'm glad it helped me, but I'm ready to be off of it.

I will sorely miss the dreams. I wish they'd make a pill just to keep our dreams like this. I'd buy it. Some sick part of me hopes that I'll have awful cravings after Sunday, so that I'll stay on the half pill of Chantix just to keep these dreams every night. A half pill seems to keep the dreams alive and kicking! It's like I look forward to bedtime like I never have before, lol.

I do still have half a box and another month's refill if I wake up Monday in a craze, but I'm optimistic that won't happen. I've had a couple days where I forget to take my half in the mornings, and I'm fine.

Anyway, great to meet you, and congrats again on four weeks! Isn't it great to say, "A month"? I love it, "a month," :cool:

Happy Friday!
Re: Chantix
Jun 22, 2007
Hi Bevann,
This is only my second quit attempt. Tried cold turkey several years ago and that was unsuccessful.

Yes, I am fortunate that I have had so side effects from the Chantix other than the vivid dreams and mild insommnia which one Tylenol Simply Sleep tablet takes care of easily.

I also have made sure that I eat a full meal and drink lots and lots of bottled water when I take the pill and have experienced no nausea.

Hi Steno,

YES.....four weeks now and counting. Who would have ever thunk it?

I'm sorry you have experienced the side effects. Meds do effect individuals in different ways as I have found so many times personally and with family members. I cannot take any codeine based pain med as it has the same effect as caffeine being injected directly into my veins. It effects my teenage grandson the same way but totally knocks my husband weird is that?

I am now taking 1 mg. (one blue pill) per day and have for the past five days. I take it at lunch and that seems to diminish the insommnia. I have had no increased cravings or side effects from cutting the dosage in half.

It seems that most folks have found their own "little something" that helps get them through the thoughts of smoking. Mine has been sugar free WintOGreen life savers! There is something about the strong pop of flavor that instantly quells the ciggie thoughts and sure beats the heck out of going for the hot fudge sundae!

Keep the strength to find the ways to keep the quit!
Re: Chantix
Jun 25, 2007
I am so glad I finally found you folks!!! I going on 4 months not smoking- since March 13. The doctor still has me on Chantix at 2 a day- he says 6 months is better. I am having some bad side effects, which now that I've found these postings are from the Chantix, despite what the doctor says. I have not smoked since my quit date and I smoked 1-2 packs for33 years. I think Iwillcut own on the dosage. I have had no energy and mood swings for a couple months.I do look forward to the festive dreams each night though.

I am not sure how the doctor is sure these side effecs are not from the drug since I was the first patient he perscribed it to and even told him about Chatix after saw it on CNN.

Oh, well. I've gone through his quitting thing alone for 3 and a half months and I am so glad I found you
Re: Chantix
Jun 27, 2007
Thanks Velveeta for the doctor advice- I'll let you know how it goes on Fri. daddymatt-Keep up the great work, one minute becomes one hour becomes one week bcomes one month.You are doing great:blob_fire I also have dreams about people I haven't thought about in years so clear too. It is sort of fun.
They say food tastes better, but now that I can taste what things really taste like, I don't like a lot of stuff I liked before. Mostly junk food- fruit really doesn't taste too bad! I've lost about 25 lbs. since March :)
Well every one keep up the good work and thanks for being there!
Re: Chantix
Jun 28, 2007
Hi, Nina :) Keep us posted on how your wean goes. I took my last Chantix a week ago after about a three-week wean and generally feel *okay.* I believe I may have had a few bouts of anxiety since stopping the med (I've never had issues with anxiety before, so I'm not positive), but nothing that lasted too long.

I hear you on not becoming an obnoxious ex-smoker. I refuse to do it.

Daddymatt, how's it going? You're up to what, day 9, 10 now? So glad your nose has been reborn. It ain't all roses, let me tell you. I had no idea how stinky my dogs were ... and gassy, too :eek: !! Man, I miss the dreams. In the week that I've been off the med, I've actually considered reinstituting a half-milligram not for any cravings, not for, um, "regularity," not for taking the edge off stress; I MISS the dreams!!! I still had them with only a half-milligram per day. So vivid and just unusual. Luckily I never had a nightmare on Chantix, otherwise, I might be singing a different tune. The evenings get better, Matt. Slowly but surely. They're still my least favorite part of the day, but after, what, 37, 38 days, it's starting to feel "normal" not to smoke during that time. Thankfully it's staying light out so late now, it's easy to do something outside or in the backyard until like nine o'clock now.

Greetings, Nuffs3!!! Fantastic news about another soon-to-be ex-smoker. You'll definitely do it. Keep your motivational reminders close at hand. Come here to vent or if you have questions. Everyone here is going or has gone through every step you're about to take. The time will fly by, too. It seems like yesterday that my mom and hubby told me it's time to quit and we're all going to do it with this new med. That was almost two months ago, DH & I are already off the med and close to six weeks smoke-free.

Bob, great to have you here!!! Kudos to losing 25 pounds. Man, that's awesome. Talk about kicking a few monkeys off the back. Junk food doesn't taste the same to me either, but with all the gum I'm chewing, fruit burns my mouth. I sure am loving foods, tho. Had a smoky-Gouda mac & cheese (actually from Cooking Light magazine), roast beef with a veal demi-glace, green beans with dill and a pinot from Oregon last night. It was like eating for the first time, I'll tell you. It's unreal what smoking did to our tastebuds. And I can afford veal demi-glace from Williams-Sonoma now with all the savings from not smoking ... yippee!!! Let us know how you do with cutting back on the med. My DH couldn't tolerate it at all. He stopped the med completely after he'd been on it for right around three weeks. I knew I didn't want to be on it one second longer than I absolutely had to, so I quit the med once I'd been smoke-free a month. I did a wean, as so many are having problems just stopping the med cold turkey. So far, so good!

Hope this isn't TMI, but I think all regular/heavy smokers experienced this. You know that nasty stuff we all coughed up as smokers? I called it lung butter, although it was never the color of butter. More like a brown substance with even darker brown "specks" running all through it? I'd get a mouthful of this garbage almost every time I'd hack with that smoker's cough. I coughed a couple days ago (not like the regular smoker's cough -- just a normal cough one might have) and up came a bit of "stuff." It was clear!!! Can you believe how quickly our bodies heal ourselves? I thought I'd be coughing that stuff up for years.

Happy Hump Day, all :wave:
Re: Chantix
Jul 14, 2007
I am so glad to have found this post! I started Chantix two days ago. I have my quit date set as next Friday 07-20-2007 (day 8). So far I haven't had any s/e but I am still on .5mg so we will see what happens when I up my dose. Its so nice to read how others on doing on this med. My dad and I are taking Chantix together (he is on day 4 today) and are hoping that we can support each other. My dh has never smoked so he is VERY excited about me quitting. I am trying to cut back on my cigs now so I won't be smoking as much when I quit. I was smoking 1 1/2 pks a day and since last week I am down to about 1. Not a big difference but you have to start someplace. ;) Thanks again for all of the great advice and heads up on all the s/e. (I can't wait for the dreams to start! LOL! :D )
Re: Chantix
Jul 17, 2007
Thanks for your encouragement, and congrats to you for your continued success in the battle at hand! It's day 5 for me and so far, besides some interesting and detailed dreams, I don't feel very different. I get a bit dizzy for 15 minutes or so after taking the pill, and smoke a bit less, but otherwise, not too much of a change. Is this within the normal range, do you think? I see that for some people the chantix kicks in so quickly that they have quit by day 4 or 5.

If anyone reads this for whom it worked more slowly, please let me know whether one day (which day?) you really noticed a difference, or if it was just something gradual that you hardly realized. I am a bit worried that maybe it's not going to work for me since I haven't noticed much of a change. But I'm still hoping.....
Re: Chantix
Jul 17, 2007
hey ariel7, I'm in the same boat you are. I am on day 6 of chantix and still smoking - a bit less, but still smoking. Other than waves of nauseousness more vivid dreams, and some fatigue, I don't notice much of a difference. I posted a bulletin yesterday and several people told me to let the chantix tell me when my quit day should be. It's different for everyone and from what I've read onhere, some people take chantix for 2-3 weeks before quitting. I am waiting for it to kick in and am hoping it happens soon. I'm going to keep smoking into day 8 if I feel like it and hope that within another week, i am ready to quit. I know i have to have a lot of willpower to quit but I want to allow the chantix to work as well as it can too - to help me out. I don't think I can go much past two weeks though - i want to be smoke free. Good luck to you and I hope it kicks in soon.
So have you noticed being more tired since taking the chantix?

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