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Re: Chantix
Jun 17, 2007
I am alittle bit worried...I feel kinda like a guinea pig being on chantix...I am just scarred that they dont know enough about this drug and its long term side effects..I have a really hard time sleeping at night its like my legs twitch and I toss and turn. I also have very vivid dreams but only sleep for an hour at a time and then wake up. I also feel like a fog is in my head. An sometimes in the morning unless I eat enough I get a stomach ache.
Re: Chantix
Jul 17, 2007
Thanks Stenolady -- good advice. You are really helpful to us "newbies."

Hi Beachlover, it sounds like you and I are in the same boat at the moment. I think you're right to give it time to see if it kicks in more, but not past two weeks -- and hopefully less than that. I don't feel real tired, but then I'm off from work for the summer (or at least from work at the office) and so can sleep in if I like, and I have been sleeping in more lately. So.... I guess I must be more tired but the days are okay because I'm getting a bit extra rest. Do you have any other s/e?

Oh, I've also been exercising (bike riding) for about 45 minutes most days, which I think is helping with my energy level as well as has helped me cough less.

It'll be interesting to see how things go for you and I the next few days, Beachlover. Good luck to you!!!
Re: Chantix
Jul 23, 2007
Btw, I toss and turn all night long -- hardly get any sleep at all. Is this what some of you mean by having "trouble sleeping"? Does this last indefinitely? I hope not!
Re: Chantix
Jul 23, 2007
CONGRATS tjewell23 and ariel7! You guys can totally do this! Remember, today is the hardest day and it will get easier and easier. Each day has gotten easier for me. I credit the Chantix with making the cravings not very intense. It's like I'm in a bit of a haze, but not in a bad way.
the Chantix makes me a little drowsy overall so I have no trouble sleeping. I do seem to wake a couple of times a night but am able to go right back to sleep. Hopefully you will both be able to sleep better soon. tjewell, maybe it's the nap that's keeping you from sleeping at night. I know if I nap (which I love to do on the weekends), I can't fall asleep at night. Have you all tried hot cocoa or something like that? That helps me sometimes.
mekales, good luck on your quit. you can do this and you will feel so good for it. I'm on day 5 with no cigs and although I still want them, I feel good and proud and I don't want to go back.
Re: Chantix
Jul 23, 2007
Hi Friends and Allies,
Sounds like you're doing great, Beachlover and TJewell. Wonderful! I haven't smoked for almost 18 hours. Doing okay at the moment, but I think the evening will be the most difficult. I'm glad to hear each day is a bit easier. That's something to look forward to, at least. Plus the diminishing cough, breathing better, etc.

Does anyone know if the problem sleeping remains all the while one is taking Chantix, or does it lessen or even go away (at least in your specific case). This med. is going to be tough to continue if I never get any sleep for weeks and weeks on end.

Re: Chantix
Jul 25, 2007
Ariel and Mekales, I hope you guys are feeling a little better today. I'm a pretty moody person anyway and I've got a bit of a quick temper sometimes, so I don't think I'd notice if this made me any moodier. hah! StenoLady is right about getting in a zone - that's what I try to do. I don't know if you guys watch much tv, but that has helped me a lot. I don't feel guilty one bit if I do nothing but watch tv an entire evening. The way I see it, this is what is helping me get through this beginning stage of quitting smoking. My mom who is 8 days quit has been sleeping a lot when she gets home from work - she said "i'm just going with it" - basically our motto is "whatever it takes to keep our mind off cigs." Anyway, watching tv (not that there is much good on during the summer) and doing various chores when I get home from work is helping me a lot.

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