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Re: Chantix
May 24, 2007
Hi there Sarmee,
Congratz on decideing to quit!

I'm no expert, but I will tell you about my short experience, thus far, with Chantix. I am on day 5 of the prescription & I really think this is a miracle drug. I've been smoking for about 9 years now, anywhere from 1 pack up to 2 packs a day. In the past I had quit coold turkey & that had lasted for about 3 months.

When I quit the cold turkey way, I was very very moody, on edge, and need I say a tad b*tchy for at least 2 weeks. Non-stop dreams about smoking, constant cravings. I hated driving places because thats when I smoke the most. I felt like I was always (as they say) "feening" for a cig.

You say your wedding is 1 week away & that is when you want to quit? I say go get the prescription now - they actually advise you start the program 1 week prior to your quit date. Reason being, you want to slowly introduce the drug into your system, which will reduce possible side effects. It's perfectly fine to continue smoking your first week on the drug (the starter pack).

From my understanding, the drug works by blocking nicotine receptors in the brain. It releases dompamine the "feel good" chemical in the brain. That "relaxed" sense u would get from a cigg.

Beleive it or not, on day "1" of the starter pack, I noticed a difference within 4 hrs of taking the first pill (I didnt wait the full week to quit because I already had a date picked). The best way to describe the feeling of smoking after on the drug is "no satisfaction". Sure, you have your cigg, but it's as if u got nothing out of almost feels like you have already had a cigg. Hope that makes sense, thats just how I felt.

I'm smoke free now & not even finished with the 1 week starter kit. I'm not moody, not on edge...I "almost" feel like I never picked up smoking. Don't get me wrong, you will get some cravings...but most are physical or just out of habit, and they pass quickly. So far, I havent been "feening" at all. I haven't felt like "I HAVE to have a cigg now!". I might kind of want one, but the "NEED" is gone.

For me at least, this has been a cake-walk compared to cold turkey. Hope this info helps!
Re: Chantix
May 25, 2007
DH, my mother and I are all on it. We started the starter pack on 5/7. My mother is a 40-year smoker, 3 packs a day; I'm a 21-year smoker, 2 1/2 packs a day; DH is a 10-year smoker, 1/2 pack a day. DH was able to quit smoking the closest to his quit date (one week after starting the med). My actual quit date ended up being 15 days after I started the med. My mom is hoping that this Monday will be her quit date, three weeks after she began the program.

I think this is different for everyone?

Either way, you definitely KNOW when you're done. Cigarettes begin to taste horrible on the med. They burn, too, burn your throat and mouth. If you enjoy smoking, this is a wonderful medication, because you suddenly don't enjoy them at all anymore.

It doesn't make quitting a piece of cake -- at least for DH & I, anyway. It's still REALLY hard! We're emotional, irritable ... I mean, it's taken the "edge" off, I suppose. But even last night, in our fog/zone of our initial days without cigs, we both said to each other that we didn't believe a cigarette would make us feel better. Honestly. Now, in all the times we've tried to quit before, we've never said that!

There are some side effects that some suffer from that you should read about, be aware of and have a plan of action to address if they're moderate. Vivd dreams and nausea are affecting me the most. I'm having to split my pills in half and take them four times a day instead of one pill twice a day. I did not have this problem the first week, only when I went up to the full dose.

You can do it!
Re: Chantix
Jun 1, 2007
I just started my Chantix starter pack today and have picked a quit date 5 days from today. I smoked for 10years, quit for 20 and like an idiot picked up after a stressful event and have been unable to quit for the last 5 years. My father died of lung cancer, my mother too and my 47 year old sister was just diagnosed and had surgery last month to remove a lobe of her lung! It's obvious my genetics are not good when it comes to tolerate smoking!

I felt a tad nauseus for about 1.2 hour after I took the dose...I'm hoping I don't have sleep problems like others do. I will be checking in here to read posts about other's experiences so thanks in advance for sharing and keep up the quit if you've started already!!
Re: Chantix
Jun 17, 2007
Hi All-
So glad to read the discussions about Chantix, both pro and con. I am on day five of the starter pack, and am set to stop smoking on Wednesday, 6/20/07. So far, I have had none of the side effects, but I have noticed that just this morning my cigarettes are starting to taste a bit "funny", and make my mouth feel weird. I am committed to quitting, and this drug was recommended by a supervisor. I am under a lot of stress usually (Ph.D grad student), so I am hoping that the Chantix will help me find a way to deal with that stress other than picking up a cigarette.
I will keep updating as the time draws closer.
Thanks, and I may call on all of you for some support in the coming week.

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