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Re: Chantix
May 25, 2007
DH, my mother and I are all on it. We started the starter pack on 5/7. My mother is a 40-year smoker, 3 packs a day; I'm a 21-year smoker, 2 1/2 packs a day; DH is a 10-year smoker, 1/2 pack a day. DH was able to quit smoking the closest to his quit date (one week after starting the med). My actual quit date ended up being 15 days after I started the med. My mom is hoping that this Monday will be her quit date, three weeks after she began the program.

I think this is different for everyone?

Either way, you definitely KNOW when you're done. Cigarettes begin to taste horrible on the med. They burn, too, burn your throat and mouth. If you enjoy smoking, this is a wonderful medication, because you suddenly don't enjoy them at all anymore.

It doesn't make quitting a piece of cake -- at least for DH & I, anyway. It's still REALLY hard! We're emotional, irritable ... I mean, it's taken the "edge" off, I suppose. But even last night, in our fog/zone of our initial days without cigs, we both said to each other that we didn't believe a cigarette would make us feel better. Honestly. Now, in all the times we've tried to quit before, we've never said that!

There are some side effects that some suffer from that you should read about, be aware of and have a plan of action to address if they're moderate. Vivd dreams and nausea are affecting me the most. I'm having to split my pills in half and take them four times a day instead of one pill twice a day. I did not have this problem the first week, only when I went up to the full dose.

You can do it!
Re: Chantix
Jun 28, 2007
Hi All!
Just want to relate my experience with Chantix. I was a 2 pack a day smoker for over 20 years. I had a smokers cough for the last 4 years, and knew I just had to quit. On top of the cost of cigarettes, I spent another $1.25 a day on cough drops. I perform in community theatre as a hobby, and worried about coughing on stage even with the cough drops. My brother told me about Chantix, he had tried 3 or 4 times in the last year or 2 to quit, using the patch, the gum, hypnotherapy, etc. He was amazed how well Chantix worked and how easy it was. He is clean for over 6 months now. I asked my doctor at the VA about it, and she told me that the VA didn't carry it, but that she could write a prescription for it as long as I was prepared to pay for it myself. No problem, I figured it was cheaper than smoking. As much as I wanted to quit, I was thinking I would still have a real struggle. Was I ever wrong.
Halfway through the first week I found myself putting out the cigarette half smoked, or going much longer between smokes without realizing it. Still apprehensive, I smoked my last one Saturday night and went to bed. Got up Sunday morning, went to light up with my coffee, and realized this was my quit date, and said no. I wanted it, but forgot about it in just a minute. I battled the habit thing for a few days, but thats all it was. No CRAVING, none of the NICOTINE CRAVING that had plagued me when I tried to quit before, the physical rush to get out of the airport so you could light up, the digging through the ash tray for butts, none of that.
It has been about 2 months now, I am proud that I quit, my family and friends are so proud of me, my house and car no longer stink, my cough is almost completely gone. I had absolutely no side effects, except for nausea when I forgot to eat first. I have just a few pills left, I am going to take them one a day to taper off, and not refill my prescription. I am a NON-SMOKER! I have told at least 100 people about Chantix, am writing to the VA to encourage them to carry it to help their veterans quit, and have told my pharmacist how great it works. I want everyone to know that it is so much superior to every other quit smoking program there is. I hope this message encourages everyone, if you really want to quit, this will do it for you with a minimum of effort.

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