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Re: Chantix
Jun 28, 2007
Hi, Nina :) Keep us posted on how your wean goes. I took my last Chantix a week ago after about a three-week wean and generally feel *okay.* I believe I may have had a few bouts of anxiety since stopping the med (I've never had issues with anxiety before, so I'm not positive), but nothing that lasted too long.

I hear you on not becoming an obnoxious ex-smoker. I refuse to do it.

Daddymatt, how's it going? You're up to what, day 9, 10 now? So glad your nose has been reborn. It ain't all roses, let me tell you. I had no idea how stinky my dogs were ... and gassy, too :eek: !! Man, I miss the dreams. In the week that I've been off the med, I've actually considered reinstituting a half-milligram not for any cravings, not for, um, "regularity," not for taking the edge off stress; I MISS the dreams!!! I still had them with only a half-milligram per day. So vivid and just unusual. Luckily I never had a nightmare on Chantix, otherwise, I might be singing a different tune. The evenings get better, Matt. Slowly but surely. They're still my least favorite part of the day, but after, what, 37, 38 days, it's starting to feel "normal" not to smoke during that time. Thankfully it's staying light out so late now, it's easy to do something outside or in the backyard until like nine o'clock now.

Greetings, Nuffs3!!! Fantastic news about another soon-to-be ex-smoker. You'll definitely do it. Keep your motivational reminders close at hand. Come here to vent or if you have questions. Everyone here is going or has gone through every step you're about to take. The time will fly by, too. It seems like yesterday that my mom and hubby told me it's time to quit and we're all going to do it with this new med. That was almost two months ago, DH & I are already off the med and close to six weeks smoke-free.

Bob, great to have you here!!! Kudos to losing 25 pounds. Man, that's awesome. Talk about kicking a few monkeys off the back. Junk food doesn't taste the same to me either, but with all the gum I'm chewing, fruit burns my mouth. I sure am loving foods, tho. Had a smoky-Gouda mac & cheese (actually from Cooking Light magazine), roast beef with a veal demi-glace, green beans with dill and a pinot from Oregon last night. It was like eating for the first time, I'll tell you. It's unreal what smoking did to our tastebuds. And I can afford veal demi-glace from Williams-Sonoma now with all the savings from not smoking ... yippee!!! Let us know how you do with cutting back on the med. My DH couldn't tolerate it at all. He stopped the med completely after he'd been on it for right around three weeks. I knew I didn't want to be on it one second longer than I absolutely had to, so I quit the med once I'd been smoke-free a month. I did a wean, as so many are having problems just stopping the med cold turkey. So far, so good!

Hope this isn't TMI, but I think all regular/heavy smokers experienced this. You know that nasty stuff we all coughed up as smokers? I called it lung butter, although it was never the color of butter. More like a brown substance with even darker brown "specks" running all through it? I'd get a mouthful of this garbage almost every time I'd hack with that smoker's cough. I coughed a couple days ago (not like the regular smoker's cough -- just a normal cough one might have) and up came a bit of "stuff." It was clear!!! Can you believe how quickly our bodies heal ourselves? I thought I'd be coughing that stuff up for years.

Happy Hump Day, all :wave:

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