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Re: Chantix
Jun 19, 2007
Good for you, Daddymatt!

And quitting is something to be excited about, especially once you realize it isn't so bad -- at least compared with previous attempts for me, anyway. Sounds like it's going to be a bit better for you, too.

I was dreading and quite nervous about my quit date. Like Skimmer said, it's not bad at all. And don't be surprised if you start seeing positive effects from not smoking quickly. Within a week of quitting, my smoker's cough was gone ... gone! 20 years worth of gunk and coughing cleared up in a week.

The first two weeks that I smoked on Chantix, I was awakened at night very easily -- still am a little bit, actually. My smoker's cough is usually what woke me up. The second night into my quit, I was awakened in the night, too, but not by my cough. It was air getting to parts of my lungs that obviously air hadn't been to in a while. Talk about surreal!

At about the five-day-quit point, taste and smells kicked in. I couldn't believe how much smoking masked taste and smell. Things like rain, a freshly-mowed lawn, a candle -- even soap in the shower smelled incredible! On the down side, I also realized my dogs stink, lol. Smoking masks the icky things, too. And taste, holy cow. Everything tastes exquisite. I was a bit nervous about weight gain with quitting in the beginning; had heard and read about metabolism and smoking, increased appetite, hand to mouth fixation, etc. Hogwash! People gain weight when they quit because food tastes so friggin' good!!! It's like eating for the first time.

Just a few things to look forward to within days of putting the smokes down. Hope you're doing okay today. The first 72 hours are the roughest. You can do it!!!
Re: Chantix
Jun 20, 2007
Ok, today is day I of a smoke free life.
I smoked my last cigarette last night at 10 pm, and tossed out the ashtray and lighters.
I was sort of nervous about getting up this morning...but I even had a cup of coffee and the cigarette cravings were moderate (I am thinking about using the old 1-10 scale, with 1 being next to none, and 10 being climbing the walls.) I would estimate that my cravings so far are at about a 3-4. I am just stunned.In the past, by now I would have been pacing, digging butts out of the ashtray for a fix (how gross is that?), and probably on my way to the store for a fresh pack.
Thanks Stenolady, for the things to look forward to. Oddly enough, I have never had the dreaded smoker's cough, but realized last night that since I was slowing down in smoking, I was now coughing! I suspect it was the cillia in my lungs responding to not being "assaulted" as much by smoke.
I have already made some dietary changes (unrelated to smoking) which began about 2 weeks ago, so I am now in the more of a habit of eating better. For me, the trick is to remember that food does not have to substitute for smokes. I got a bit angry at my doctor, who tacitly said that of the two evils, I should not worry too much about my weight, but focus on the smoking, and expect to gain weight. I disagree. My way around this will be exercise...if able, every time I want to light up, I will get up, walk about for a bit, and see if that helps.
I will keep all of you posted as to my progress. Thanks for the support...I will need it in the next few weeks.
Re: Chantix
Jul 19, 2007
I'm rooting fer ya', too, Beachlover! I know how hard today is. Tomorrow will be easier. Very soon -- like an itty-bitty fraction of the time you smoked -- you will go hours without even thinking of a smoke. I'm now looking forward to the time when I can go a full day without thinking of it. And I can almost taste it. I know it's close. It seems like yesterday I was picking up my rx and coming here with all sorts of questions. The time will fly by. Just hang in there! Take real deep breaths. Maybe not today, but in the next day or two, breathing deep will feel good to you. And try not to worry about the weight gain. You'd have to gain between 75 and 100 pounds to do the damage that smoking was doing to you. And -- believe me on this one -- once you successfully quit and have a bit of time under your belt, dieting is a piece of cake compared to quitting smoking, if it even comes to that. I thought I'd gained about 15 pounds the first six weeks quit, and it melted away in a matter of days once I quit the med. It was all bloat! We're thinking of you :)

MPSunshine777, welcome! Babble? What babble? This is a smoking cessation support forum! If we're reading and typing our babble (wink, wink), we're not smoking, right? I've probably typed a short novel here just on these boards these past few months. And I've read many others' novels here. It reinforces my quit to read how you and Ariel and Beachlover and Jean and Velveeta and Nuffs and everyone else is progressing along. We're addicts, you know? This is my only addiction, and I can understand why, for instance, AA is for life. You really need support for a long time with quitting. I do, anyway, so I'll be happy to read all the babble you care to type!

JAPennington, awesome that you're changing up where you smoke. The hubby & I did the same thing, and it made a huge difference. We weren't even quit yet, and we could smell how our house smelled without smoke in it. So is tomorrow still the big day? Please keep us posted!

I've got to fly, folks. Everyone else who's gotten this far, stay true to yourselves and your quits! This is an addiction that can be beaten. I never thought I'd say that and, frankly, wasn't even sure six months ago I wanted to say that, but here I am quit. To the folks just beginning their journeys, it's AMAZING on the other side. I'm holding seats for everyone :angel:
Re: Chantix
Jul 23, 2007
I have noticed I'm ok with not smoking an entire cig, which is a great start. Reminds me of dieting, cutting a meal in half and being satisfied with only eating that half. Wouldn't it be great if Chantix also worked for sugar cravings? Yeah, I'm dreaming. I'm also getting excited to be able to smell and taste better when I quit. I remember last time I quit, being able to actually smell my cherry chapstick on my lips! I bought some new candles and defussers for my home to get me phyched up for next weekend.
Another question, my doctor told me most people did not gain any weight from Chantix. Is anyone putting on or possibly losing weight since they quit?
Have a good day all! Best of luck!:cool:

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