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Nicotine from cigars verses chemical additives in Cigarettes.What is the danger in smoking cigars when the cigars are made of pure tobacco.But,even greater health threats are posed by cigarettes because of the chemical additives in the cigarettes.The effects the chemical additives in the cigarettes have on the body I believe is much worst than the pure tobacco in cigars.I have most recently heard of a brand of cigarettes called American Spirit.These cigarettes are made with pure tobacco not having these chemical additives in the cigarette.If you are still smoking and can't quit try considering this brand as an alternative to the other cigarette brands that contain these harmful chemical additives.I know about the nicotine patches and the nicotine chewing gum and losengers,but I'm afraid to try these methods because of the possibility of nicotine poisoning.My doctor has most recently informed me that there is a nicotine based pill that is currently in the experimental stages and won't be released on the market until a few years from now.This leaves me little hope for quitting but I'm looking forward to that day.What helps me the most not to smoke is to be preoccupied with something to do.What I do to preoccupy myself is to do gardening work.When my mind is on the gardening work I am not even thinking about smoking.At one time I took up baking bread and did so day after day for about a full year.It took my mind greatly off my troubles.But, when I'm not preoccupied it has become almost second nature to me like a hobby to smoke.When I smoke it gives me some quiet time to myself to reflect and think about things.

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