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May 30, 2007
I am on my last day of my starter pack and I don't feel any different. I have cut down some, but not enough for me. I am wondering when I start taking the blue pill with I not want to smoke anymore or will the craving still be there. I talked to someone that told me that the cigaretts will start tasting bad and you won't want to smoke. I am wondering if this is true. Can someone that has quit let me know what will happen in the future. I understand that affects vary from person to person.
The first week on that starter pack, all I did was cut back a little, too. I was a two and a half pack a day smoker, had been smoking that much since about 2002. I started smoking when I was 14 and was up to a pack a day by 18. I'm 35 now. The first week, I was able to cut down to about a pack a day.

The second week, the pills made me so nauseous, I really couldn't smoke a lot. I ended up splitting them and taking a half four times a day, which eliminated the nausea. Some days after I was finished with the starter pack, I'd smoke eight or ten smokes. Other days, I'd be up to 15 or 20.

What I can say is that taking those heavier pills, I didn't really [I]need[/I] a cigarette. Did I [I]want[/I] one? Sure. But I wasn't going out of my mind if I didn't get one. I likened it to some sort of junk food that's near and dear to your heart. I like a good burger once in a while. Sure, sometimes I'll see a commercial or drive by a billboard with a juicy burger on it and really want one, but it's not the end of the world if I don't have one. Think about whether you really need one or want one the next craving you get. See if you can breathe it away, stretch it away, preoccupy your mind with something else for a few minutes, drink a glass of water, brush your teeth, whatever you plan on doing to help craves when you do quit. Try it now on some cravings today and see how you feel. Try it tomorrow, too.

Somewhere between week 2 and week 3, cigarettes started tasting EXTREMELY bad. I couldn't smoke a whole one in one sitting.

I'm almost finished with my fourth week, haven't smoked in eight days, and I must say this has been one of the easiest quits I've ever attempted. It took me a bit of time, tho. I was not ready on day 8. I was very ready on day 22. DH was ready on day 20.

It's really important to remember this is not a magic pill that will eliminate your desire to smoke. I've found it screws with satisfaction I used to get from lighting up. If the satisfaction is gone from smoking and you're able to differentiate the "need" vs. "desire" for a cigarette, the rest is really up to you. You'll need to put them down for good one day soon, go through a fairly nasty 72 hours for the nicotine to get out of your body, have some things to keep yourself and your hands busy while you readjust mentally, take one day at a time and embrace being smoke free.

We're all responding differently to quitting -- no matter what method you choose. I smoked my last cigarette last Tuesday morning, around 10 a.m. I was a bit "lost" until Saturday. Just out of it. Sleeping a lot, irritable at times, sad at times, a little weepy. Saturday morning was my first really "good" day, and it's gotten better and better since then.

You can do it!
For me I did it a little different. My very first week with the starter pack if I had no more than three that week, so on my quit date it was quite easy to stop. Don't ge me wrong I have good days (more of them) and bad days. Today is 31 days for me. Yesterday was such a good one for me I was nervous about today but It is going well. I also am starting to think like a non smoker not a smoker who can't have one. Wish you the best and I can honestly say it will get better. The only side effect that I have gotten from this is water gain. I feel like if you stuck a pin in me I could fly.


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