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[I][QUOTE=Dayvidpriddy;3040353]Thanks Sten...I guess then I'm on the right track. But I will still talk to my shrink tomorrow to see what he thinks. You asked why I hadn't started the patch yet? LOL...because I still want to smoke, rofl!!! I know, it's horrible isn't it? But I have a few stressful things coming up (i know thats the typical excuse) and I just don't want to start that next step until a few things are over with. Like they say, there is never a perfect time to quit but you want to pick a time that you feel comfortable with, and that is what I'm doing. I mean the progress that I have made since October of last year (going from 2 plus packs a day, to about a half a pack a a weeks time mind you) is pretty darn significant if you ask me!

Anyways thanks and I will let you know what my shrink says tomorrow. Maybe he will know about Chantix.

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hi Dayvid...

Good job,...cutting down so much...that just shows how much you are willing to quit for good. Just wanted to say that I too agree with StenoLady...I too quit w/ the Wellbutrin and the patch, and the patch does work very very well. I think anything works pretty well when we really, [B]REALLY[/B] are ready to quit and we are so determined to quit. I tried quitting 5 x with classes and gum, [when it 1st came out], and then later tried the patches, [when they 1st came out], and actually tried several times w/ the patches, and the gum, over and over again,...but until I was 100% determined to do it no matter what it took...then was I able to quit for once and for all. In 3 more months it will be 4 years since I quit...and sometimes I can hardly believe it, myself...and my friends say they still can't believe it, as I was such a big smokin' fool. :rolleyes:

Anyway, the patches work great, but later I started chewing the gum, [because my hubby was chewing it and leaving it lying around], and I tried one and then got very, very hooked on that stuff. (I think my DH and I hold the record for the longest time on NRT! LOL...but at least we finally QUIT!)

Whatever you end up trying/using, I wish you the very best!! :D

And to StenoLady, [if you read this far down], I am just so curious....about what you said about the Chantix messing with your head? Could you please let us all know what you mean by that? I am so curious about that seems to be working well for a lot of people, but I have heard a few people say they couldn't take it at all, as they wigged out when they did... I have recommended it to a few friends and relatives... but I am curious about all of the side effects...good and bad. (and congratulations to [B]YOU[/B] on your success in quitting!....that's super!)

Deda :) [/FONT]
[I][QUOTE=StenoLady1;3043693]Hi, Deda :wave:

Wow ... almost four years! Major congratulations to you!!!

What I meant was from my experience,...... [/QUOTE][/I]

Wow...thank you, StenoLady! That's an interesting story, and yeah,...quitting smoking is a pretty major head trip, anyway. I went through quite a bit of depression that 1st year...but I had also just been diagnosed w/ a thyroid problem/ it could've been coming from that as well. (I think it was more the giving up my cigs tho, [for good], as I had to just get "used" to living without them, which I eventually did, thankfully--I absolutely hate the smell of it now, and never crave them now,'s been years that I have) :)

I can see what a disappointment that would be, as you said,...not getting to enjoy those last few smokes. I pretty much decided THAT morning that I would quit THAT day...although I had been [trying] to mentally work up to it for months,... really years! But I did savor those last few ciggies, before going out into my backyard to "douse" the rest of my last pack w/ the hose.... (I coulda cried!) :( Now though I don't feel like I missed out on anything, and just really regret that I even smoked all of those years....I often think..."What an idiot".

My hubby quit too, and it was only because he [finally] quit that *I* was finally able to quit also. He tried to fake me out for many, many years, "pretending" to quit, when I would quit....he'd even take the classes, chew the gum and everything! Then I'd be driving on the base [where we lived], and I "catch him smoking"...LOL! Back to the cigarettes I'd go... Ugh...what a nightmare...we went on like that for 30 years! Major drug addiction!:dizzy:

That's too bad that the Chantix didn't work for your hubby, but I'm glad to hear that he was able to eventually quit too. What did he end up using? I guess because we all have a different body chemistry and we all react uniquely to these different drugs....I've even seen people on here who's bodies freaked out from the patches! Glad you both found what worked magic for you..congratulations again, and whatever you do, please don't ever smoke again. It just gets better and better as time goes by.

Congratulations to the both of you...that is such great news!

[B]Have a great NON smoking day/life![/B] :wave:


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