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I currently have been taking Bupropian (Zyban, Welbutrin, etc) for a few months now. I started at 150MB twice a day and then after about 6 weeks, my shrink put me up to 200MG twice a day. The medication is being used to try to kill two birds with one stone (depression and smoking). Well it seems to help somewhat with the smoking (I'm able to keep my smoking down to about half a pack a day and I smoke outside only which I started doing in October of last year) and I think the medication has SERIOUSLY helped with my depression (especially some sexual addictions that I had). are my question(s)...

#1. I know that with Bupropian (Zyban, Welbutrin, etc) that it's recommended to also combine the patch with the medication for the best success rate. I have the patch (I was prescribed it about a month ago but have not started it yet). So this still remains as a first option to complete or not to complete?

#2. Chantix...I heard amazing things about this drug when I took my smoking cessation class last fall. I have since heard the same from people I know who smoke (or who did lol), as well as reading a lot of the posts on this board about how the medication is working for them. My question regarding Chantix is:

#1. Does anyone know if I took Chantix with my current medication which is Bupropian (Zyban, Welbutrin, etc), would it help or would it be a bad combination, etc? I plan on discussing it with my shrink on Wednesday when I go into see him. The problem is that he's a shrink! He doesn't really know about Chantix so I'm worried that he won't have the answer for me that I need.

#2. If I can't take both medications, and if meaning that I want to try Chantix but that if I do, I must stop the Bupropian and start another anti-depressant drug, do you think it would be worth me stopping a anti-depression medication that seems to be working well for me, just so I have a better chance of quitting smoking? Keep in mind, I would try another anti-depressant drug (if my shrink agrees to it) but I just really want to give Chantix a try!

And finally, #3. Is there any positive effect by taking Chantix WITH the patch or does that defeat the purpose? I know that Chantix blocks the receptors in the brain that give us the good feeling when we smoke, so if that is true, then the patch (which contains nicotine) would be being blocked, which would be a waste of money, correct or not?

I just kinda want to have an idea of what I need to discuss with my doctors this week.

Thanks and I hope I haven't confused anyone.:confused:

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