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You are not a fraud, Amanda, by coming here to talk about your quit. 11 days is huge. So many can't get through the first 72 hours, but you did, even with your mother and husband still smoking.

How had you been combating the blues over the past week or with previous quit attempts? Write down all the things that helped to put a smile on your face or helped you remember why quitting was so important to you. Is it your kids? Is it the money you're saving? Is it the way you smell? How about how lovely foods taste when your mouth isn't an ashtray?

Depression/blues from quitting is absolutely normal. Prepare for it and have a plan of action for getting a small smile on your face for when those blues hit. Pull out a picture of your kids. Treat yourself to something nice. Take a deep breath and smile knowing that air is getting to parts of your lungs that it just couldn't when you were a smoker.

I've had some really rough days, too. I'm sure we all have. There's a video out there on the net that shows a mom in her 50s dying of lung cancer. It's about 10, 15 minutes long. Her son shot various footage over the course of the six months it took her to die, ending with her funeral. I cried my eyes out, as did my hubby. I keep that video now on my computer to remind me on those tough days I do not want to go that way -- and that I have a choice in the matter! If we continue to smoke, there's a third greater probability we will die that way. I must say seeing stuff like that doesn't necessarily help with the depression/blues, but, man, it sure gives me resolve.

Find what your resolve comes from, as well as what puts a smile on your face. Do whatever you have to do to keep those things handy for the next few months. You can do it. The really hard part you've already gotten through!

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