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Re: Chantix doseage
Jun 18, 2007
I reduced my dosage to a half pill in the morning and a half pill in the evening. I did this because the joint pain was really getting bad. Also, the nausea was awful for me on the full pill -- no matter what I did. I'd been splitting both pills in half and was taking them four times a day to combat the nausea (which worked, BTW), but taking a half at bedtime was proving to be troublesome, as well. The slightest thing awakened me, and then I was having trouble falling back to sleep.

It was then that I decided to drop the bedtime pill and only do three halves throughout the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. After a couple days of doing this, I noticed my joint pain had vastly improved, so I knocked off that lunchtime half. Cravings hit BIGTIME. I realized I'd decreased my dosage too quickly! I kept with the three halves for five days, then stopped with the lunchtime dosage and did fine. Joint pain is *almost* nonexistent.

I positively love being on only one milligram per day, split in half. But if you do this, check with your doctor and do it slowly!

I know I will have to wean myself off of this medication when I'm done. Fine with me. I weaned myself on it; makes sense to do the same when coming off.

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