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i have started new threads on here since last winter. i have only had 0-3 replies on any of them, i don't understand?

anyway, i started wk 2 of chantix on monday, hubby also. i set my quit date for 6/25.
thankyou stenolady for your reply, it really made me start doing some of the work, not just taking chantix. i was a 2 pk a day smoker, so i cut down to 1 pk. mornings are real bad for me, so i made myself not light up til coffee was ready today. smoking with coffee is the worst for me. i probably smoke 10 cigs during coffee. my anxiety level has been real high since i set my quit date. i have 4 days left before my quit. are there any ideas out there to prepare better before then?

amanda...i understand very well your need for support, i am here for you!

I found I needed a lot more willpower than I thought I would with Chantix too, so I started setting rules for myself. I wouldn't smoke in the car, I wouldn't smoke with my first cup of coffee, then I wouldn't smoke with coffee at all, wouldn't smoke inside house, then wouldn't smoke after dinner, etc, then started with the countdown, such as could only have a cig every two hours, or three hours. It's been a battle within myself, but I've made in 3 weeks. You can do. Hope this in some way helps.
thanks so much, that is great advise! i only have 4 days left to quit date, wonder if i am starting to cut down too late?
i am sick of smoking, and it is'nt even tasting good since chantix, but i continue to smoke!?
thanks again for you quick reply, best of luck to you in your quit!
Hi, Bevann :wave:

Way to go on cutting back so much!!!

I don't know if you'll find this helpful or not -- especially since you're in the middle of it -- but me, DH and my mother all found the week or so before our quit date, those days we were still smoking and on the full dosage of the med, were the worst days of our journey so far. With previous attempts, those last days smoking were sort of fun, like a last "hoorah." Chantix takes that away completely, IMO. Those last days are full of stress, nausea, trepidation, worry, anxiety. It actually gets better once you put the smokes down.

MommaBryant has some excellent tips. Setting some rules for yourself or even just "tests" are a great way to prove to yourself that you CAN do this.

If you're struggling with the coffee, how about changing the environment you're in when you drink it? Go in a different room. What do you think about an iced coffee and a chore or errand while you're drinking it? How about lighting up some smelly-good candles when you're having your coffee? I kept candles everywhere the first few weeks to remind myself how good the air can smell without me stinking it up with my smoke.

Another thought -- and I do hesitate to even suggest such a thing, as I, too, am VERY fond of my morning coffee -- would be a good, strong tea in the morning? Black teas are almost comparable to coffee in taste and caffeine strength. Tea shops are popping up everywhere, as well, where you can get some really nice teas. Depending on how "high end" you want to go, you could even get some black tea blends with, say, a rooibos in it for a blast of antioxidants.

Even just doing something out of the ordinary while you have your coffee might help. How about a crossword puzzle? How about writing in a journal? I'm trying to think of things of the would (a) break your hand to mouth habit and (b) take your mind off smoking a bit during the extra-tough time of coffee in the mornings. But you know your routine and what you're used to doing.

Good luck with this. We all have our "times" we really struggle with. For me, it was -- and still is to a degree -- the evenings after work. I'm finding myself cooking really elaborate meals even during the week, because I just don't know what to do with myself after dinner. I figure if I'm in the kitchen from 5:30 to 8 or 9 o'clock, I'm not smoking or driving myself crazy wanting a smoke. I used to just plop myself on the couch and smoke like a fiend after a quick dinner. Now plopping myself on the couch is a HUGE trigger.

Try not to stress out, too. I know it's easier said than done, but you will feel a real sense of calm, of freedom, once you put the smokes down compared to what you're feeling now.

Also, FWIW, I cut back from 2 1/2 packs a day to around 10 - 20 by the time I actually quit. I kept waiting to get down to two or three a day like everyone else, but I'd been smoking on Chantix for over two weeks! I had to just stop and see what would happen.

Good luck! We're all here for you :)
thankyou, i agree i will have to change alot of smoking situations. makes me feel better that someone else was also smoking up to a pk a day when quit date came.
yesterday i only smoked 12 cigs, but i spent alot of time in bed! was feeling lousy from what i believe to be chantix side effects. having alot of stomach problems, nausea, constipation, also feeling real sluggish all the time. i know in reality i can't stay in bed to avoid smoking!
hubby has really not been making any comments about quiting even when i do to him. only thing he has said is about the nausea. i assume his quit date is monday also, but he has'nt said yet!
thanks for all the of luck to everyone....bevann
Bevann26, WTG on such a major decrease in the smokes!!!

It's hard to smoke when you're nauseous, exhausted and constipated, isn't it? I'll bet that was Pfizer's goal all along ;)

All kidding aside, great to hear you've set a date. It's all about steps, and you've just taken another one to being smoke-free.

I don't know if this will help you, but here's what I did to help with the GI issues and nausea. My nausea was moderate to severe, about an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. I'd even turn green within minutes after taking my pill. My doctor okayed what I was doing, so you might want to just check with yours.

Split the pills in half and take a half four times a day instead of a whole one twice a day. I still needed to take the halves with a meal and a huge glass of water, but it REALLY helped the nausea. I'd take a half at bedtime, but I fall asleep very quickly, so there was no time for the nausea to kick in. I also liked taking a half at bedtime because I didn't awake with a craving. I did let my doctor know about that one specifically, because I think Pfizer should be aware of that. However, if insomnia is a problem for some, taking a half at bedtime might not be a good idea.

For the constipation, eating a fairly huge bowl of FiberOne with a glass of fruit juice has fixed it for me. I'm also keeping things like cheese at bay. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and take a walk. Even just 20 or 30 minutes. It will help those energy levels you speak of, the constipation, and even as a smoker, a walk would cure me of a craving for at least an hour. Try and do it outside if you're in a safe area :)

We're both in Florida! I don't know if it's just a coincidence, but I can't believe how many people from FL, GA and AL are on this pill. I would have thought it would be big tobacco states like the Carolinas or the Virginias, but 3/4 of the people I see online on Chantix are from FL, GA or AL. Maybe there some southeastern physician seminar or something?

Have a great weekend! You're doing so good, and it's only going to get better!!!
Hi Bevann,

I am not on Chantix as we don't have it here but I too have set Monday as my quit date so I am with you there friend! I will try again with the patches as I have done before. I had quit before but fell off the wagon unfortunately. However it is all a learning experience and I think recognizing your own personal triggers and learning new ways to deal with them and experience things is the most important thing to do. It sounds like you are doing well with the cutting down, fantastic work! I do believe that a lot of smoking is psychological as well and from what I have read the Chantix doesn't help I wouldn't worry too much about getting to smoking only one or two before your quit date. Once you stop all together and start building your confidence in your quit I am sure you will find it easier and the anxiety will decrease. Sometimes, with the anxiety, the thinking about quitting can be harder than the actual quitting I find. On your quit day I would start congratulating yourself immediately and don't think the Chantix is doing it all for you - you are doing it! and you should reward yourself not only physically but mentally. Our psyche is so important in this endeavour I believe. Look after it, constantly tell yourself how wonderful you are in doing what you are doing because you are!

I hope you are feeling better as you said you were getting some side effects from the Chantix. Look after yourself and all the best for Monday. You are very strong and you are doing a wonderful thing! Congratulations.


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