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Welcome Snorkelgal,

You are going to love being part of this board. Everyone is so supportive and helpful. It is like having a family that really understands what you are going through. My quit was cold turkey due to back surgery, so it is a little different from you, but I will still help however I can. I am currently 67 days quit and feeling very strong, which alot of thanks go to this board.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you on your journey. :bouncing:
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[COLOR="darkorchid"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hello there again! ;) :wave: :wave:

Thanks so much for replying to me!! I just got home a bit ago from work and did some yard work, cleaned the pool and thought I would check in.. .and I was sooooo happy to see the replies, this site is sooo going to help.

I have not smoked much today :) starting to taste bad....however, we are having a little fire the hubby and me tonight to celebrate our 24th anniversary and then my boys will be out of town tomorrow until Sunday.....but I believe I will be just fine. Actually my last day is suppose to be tomorrow for smoking, I picked that day because well...7-7-07 and 8 (Sunday) is my favorite wish me well.....I quit cold turkey about 10 years ago (with the help of the Lord) and fooolish silly DUMB A** me picked it up this time...I am doing it....

The dreams...:D :eek: yes just starting to have them and I too am enjoying.....hopefully they stay ThAt WaY.....;)

I have smoked a long time so it seems........maybe about 25 years but I don't ever recall smoking a pack in a day.. however, lung cancer does run in the family.......

Have to run.. my boys are back.. I will be on definetly tomorrow night... I need ALL your support....I can and will do this..


You're doing great,past the hard part.

I have from day 4 of chantix cut the pills in half.I do my darndest to take themthe same time everyday and I have found early evening helps with the insomnia if you have it.

Keep going strong you can beat the cravings your past the nicotine part.

I finally got comfortable with going through a drive through to get a pop.the store clerk,seen me coming and had the 2 paks of cigs and the pop on the counter.I looked at her ,told her the pop would suffice but I had been smoke free for 16 days and intended to stay that way.

I must say getting up and dragging myself to the fitness center every morning has really seemed to help,its pointless to work out if I was still poluting my lungs.There's 2 older gentleman that are running on the treadmills and they are/were smokers and they were talking about chantix,the one gentleman has quit and the other still smokes his 3 cigs a day.They are cute little old men.just had to chuckle at them.At their age I think its awesome that they are cutting back or becoming non-smokers.
Hello Xenakyna. I'm pretty new on here too but welcome. I'm on day 7 of chantix and tomorrow is my quit day. I'm really excited. So what kind of "buzz" are you feeling? Are you feeling restless? The Chantix actually makes me tired and I feel like I could sleep for days. It's not unbearable though and definitely worth it to help me quit smoking. My mom is taking chantix and also has the tired feeling. In fact on day 6 of taking the med, she forgot her night dose and had trouble sleeping. I think both of us will definitely be weaning ourselves off the med when the time comes rather than stopping abruptly. Anyway, good luck on your quit!!! This board is a HUGE help to me and I'm sure it will give you all the encouragement and support you need.

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