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[QUOTE=PixieJen;3101789]I am so nauseas... this is my 3rd smoke free day. and 11th day on Chantix. I just want to get off the Chantix, the nausea and the being tired all the time are really bringing me down. I'm bloated and it makes me feel disgusting.
I'm a small girl and I've gained a pound in a week. I know that probably sounds silly. But I have been the same exact weight for over 3 years and to gain one pound in a week worries me.
The cravings aren't too bad but I know if I stop the Chantix I'll probably go buy a pack. So I'll have to stick it out.
I was running to get a release from that instead of smoking but then i developed runner's knee. Doesn't it figure.
Trying to stay positive....[/QUOTE]

PixieJen, try and remember why you're going through all of this: To quit smoking. Don't forget about what smoking does to your body.

The nausea never subsided for me until I went back to a half-milligram at a time. I still ended up with two milligrams in me per day, but I had to take a half-milligram at a time. But I did just deal with the horrendous nausea for about the first five days quit. The nausea was so severe, all I could do was lay in bed as still as I could for a few hours. I figured if I was in bed, hopefully asleep, I wasn't smoking, right? Talk to your doctor about splitting your pills in half and taking them four times a day instead of a whole pill twice a day. My cravings weren't affected at all by this. If anything, I think my cravings were less since I was getting a blast of Chantix every few hours instead of every 12 hours.

I don't recall if it was listed, but bloating/water retention/edema I thought was listed as a side effect of Chantix. I blew up while I was on the med. I thought I was just "gaining weight from not smoking," as everyone in the know says will happen once we quit. According to my scales, I gained 13 pounds in the two months I took the med. By the end of the first week off Chantix, those 13 pounds were gone -- plus another two! Now, there's no way I lost 15 pounds in a week, especially considering I didn't change my exercise routine, water consumption or diet.

Re: The energy, the first few weeks I quit, I was really out of it. I slept a lot. I sure "wanted" to do stuff, but actually getting my body to do anything was a chore. A few things that helped:

Take a morning walk. Doesn't have to be long, 15, 20, 30 minutes. It really made a difference in my energy levels for the day. I didn't get this feeling by taking an afternoon or evening walk. A morning walk just seemed to really wake up my mind for the day.

A really good multivitamin. Spend the extra $$$ and hit the health food store.

Make sure you're getting lots of whole grains and fruits in your diet. Juices are fine, but try and get the kind without added sugar and high fructose corn syrup. (This is assuming you're not on a restricted diet of any kind.)

Reward yourself!!! Always have something to look forward to since you're not smoking. I cannot stress this enough. Your brain is fighting tooth and nail because it's not getting a smoke. The dopamine from the Chantix is helping some, yes, but your brain identified a smoke with many, many emotions. When you were happy, you smoked. When you were stressed, you smoked. When you were mad, you smoked. I'm sure you're figuring out ways to deal with the anger and stress triggers, but you must make sure you don't forget about the "happy" smokes, too; that is, the smokes that our brains associated with us being happy or satisfied.

A friend (who has a good bit of experience with Chantix) told me that quitting is one of the hardest things we'll do in our lives, but after the first 72 hours, it's all mental. He's really right. It's almost a mind game we have to play with ourselves to stay quit. IMO, while Chantix greatly helps with the urges/craves, it's really up to us to make new associations for our brains to identify with smoking. If we don't, I'm a firm believer that lethargy, irritability and depression are sure to follow.

Two months smoke-free today :)

HTH a little. No matter what, stay strong!!!!
Welcome new chantix users,I've been on chantix 24 days and smoke-free for 21.

This med works differently for everyone and won't work unless you are absolutely ready to quit.

One side effect I have experienced is digestion irritability and some mild joint pain.But the mild side effects are worth the 21 days of being smoke free.

I am down to half a pill a day to lesson the side effects.

Goodluck stay stronger than the urges and the first 3 days of being a non-smoker is the hardest after that it's just the cravings.

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