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I cut my dose down after being on 2 blue ones for about 4 weeks as I was hurting with hip pain and not sleeping good at all. Almost immediately I was sleeping peacefully and without the hip pain either. Worked for me but you can be your own judge. How strong are you? Can be done. I am 4 months quit and off the Chantix since May 6th.
Hi Snorkel,

I wish you the best. [SIZE="5"][COLOR="Blue"]You Can Do It!![/COLOR][/SIZE]

When I started, I had a terrible time with the side effects. I loved the dreams but I had a hard time sleeping through the night. This may have more to do with the nicotine withdrawl than from the chantix, I'm not sure.
Another problem that I had was the "fog head" I could function ok but I felt like I was a bit off.

After 4 weeks I took 1/2 of a pill a dinner time and then I cut the evening pill completely and my side effects lightened up and didn't crave any more than I did before.

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