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Congrats on your decision. I used Chantix to quit smoking. I haven't touched a cigarette since May 24th and I was smoking almost 2 packs a day for about 10 years. My decision to quit was for my husband who was diagnosed with Apical Bullous Disease. I had started smoking when I was 10 and had tried everything from gum to patches to Wellbutrin. Nothing worked for me. I am trying to get my mom to get on it to help her quit.
Congrats on your quit Shellb184. It's so cool to hear about all these people who take chantix and then influence someone else to take chantix. I hope you can get your mom to take it. I know it's 99% willpower and self-determination, but I think for me, the Chantix is what helped most with this quit. I have tried to use wellbutrin also, and it didn't not help. My mom and I are both smokefree. I haven't smoked since July 18 and it feels so good.

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