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Thanks all,

Stenolady the talk you had with GP is very interesting a friend of mine up North is taking chantix and something else for weight loss and has great effects with it.

I know this med blocks the neuro transmitters in the brain,so I'm wondering is it blocking the ones for bad habits or compulsive ideas?

My neuro was highly aggitated when I started chantix as I have multiple sclerosis and the neuro transmitters are already scrambled to begin with.My GP done research and even called the company to make sure it wouldn't aggrivate the ms.

I decided to play russian roulette.I had a choice,continue smoking 2 packs a day or have my symptoms flair -up.

Well ya all know I decided to take the chance,I definately like the choice I made.My symptoms have flaired but still manageable.

I still plan on another 30 days of chantix,half a pill every morning then skipping to everyother day and so forth.

Ya never know,maybe I'll get back to jogging someday(lol)

But if I can manage to get this far the rest of ya can.Each day is a new step in the right direction.

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