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I don't know what the toughest stage is. I think there will be tough moments at all the stages - I think surely in a year it will be a cinch. But then I read how people still have cravings at a year quit.
My mom and I actually went to the beach in florida together a week before we quit smoking - it was great. One last smoking trip! hah!
I plan on staying with you guys - you all help me so much. You guys who are newly quit like me and also the pros who have been quit for a lot longer. I really do think of you guys when i have a craving. it's great to have a support system to go to anytime. keep up the good work!!!
I just got my starter kit today, but with reading all the side effects many are having, im scared to take it. I also take Prozac i began a few years ago after a very serious car accident and then the sudden death of my brother. So I wonder if the Prozac will kick in and help with any anxiety symptoms I might get from the Chantix. Not sure what to do now.
[QUOTE=ainfante;3138419]I just got my starter kit today, but with reading all the side effects many are having, im scared to take it. I also take Prozac i began a few years ago after a very serious car accident and then the sudden death of my brother. So I wonder if the Prozac will kick in and help with any anxiety symptoms I might get from the Chantix. Not sure what to do now.[/QUOTE]

The doc who wrote you the rx for Chantix knows you take Prozac, right? If he or she does, I would think all's good.

Here's the way I looked at the side effects of Chantix:

1) Not everyone gets them.

2) Most are tolerable.

3) Remember the side effects of smoking.

4) Quitting smoking itself can cause side effects, many of which are the same as those listed on the Chantix pamphlet, i.e., GI-related problems, insomnia, lethargy, depression, anxiety.

Try not to worry. Quitting smoking is a huge endeavor, and, IMO, Chantix makes it manageable. Yeah, you might have a few bouts of nausea. Guess what? Chemotherapy for lung cancer makes ya' nauseous, too. Lots of folks go through an anxious period or a period of the "blues" while quitting and/or as a side effect of Chantix. How depressed/anxious would you feel having most of your tongue removed because of mouth cancer? There is no doubt that smoking causes these things.

I'm really not trying to be overly sarcastic, but I did have minor side effects from Chantix, and my hubby had some pretty moderate to severe ones. I mean, nine out of ten lung cancer diagnoses are smoking-related. The way I see it, there's a REALLY good probability smoking was going to kill me. There's just not a really good probability Chantix was going to kill me.

I do not like to take pills and believe we're an over-medicated society. I'm a firm believer that we're forced to take pills only so that we in turn have no choice but to take more pills. But I felt like I was "reaching" to focus on the possible side effects of a pill when I know what smoking does to us. Chantix side effects were the lesser of two evils for me.

This is where I tried to keep my focus so I could quit successfully this time.

You will quit with this!
Hi, everyone!

I've been reading here for a few weeks, but have never posted. I was interested in learning more about Chantix, and found this board in a Go*gle search. I feel like I "know" lots of you.:D

I started taking Chantix on the 14th and stopped smoking on the 23rd, my 10th day. I kept waiting for it to make smoking disagreeable to me, like some others said, but unfortunately that never happened for me. So I decided to just bite the bullet and try to quit anyway. Today is day #16 and I'm still hanging in there. I do have cravings, but they have been manageable so far, and are becoming less frequent and of shorter duration. Fortunately, I have had no bad side effects that I can attribute only to the Chantix. I experienced no nausea at all, which seems to be fairly rare; and other discomforts, such as mild anxiety, could be attributed to nicotine withdrawl even without the Chantix. I did notice a random tingling feeling from time to time, which someone else had posted about on this board. But it wasn't enough to really bother me; it would just kind of jump around from one part of my body to another, then disappear.

Anyway, my biggest challenge right now is to retrain myself to think as a non-smoker. I was at a loss for the first few days, wondering exactly what non-smokers did on breaks, anyway. I work in town, so then I started walking around the block on my breaks; that gave me much-needed exercise and got rid of some of the anxiety. Also, I never realized how much I had used smoking as a reward. When I was in the middle of a task, I would see a stopping place coming up; I would think to myself 'I'll do this much more, then I'll stop and have a cigarette'. So now, I think 'I've done all this work; what do I get?':D I guess it's pretty much like weight loss, or any other personal challenge; it's a mindgame, and having a positive attitude works wonders. I wish everyone on this board continuing success and appreciate very much all the help I've gotten here.
WTG, everyone!!!

Nuffs, congrats on nearing the big 4-0

TJ, I don't think I've congratulated you on the mini-TJ. Congrats!! What a huge motivator.

Pixie, I, too, remember when you were first embarking on this journey, and you're nearly a month in! Awesome

Beach & Ariel, hope you gals are doing well. The last few times you've checked in, you really seem so confident in your quits :)

Dee, how's the sleep (or lack thereof) going? Have you figured anything out to help?

Welcome, Mazie! Congrats on 16 (now 17?) days! Isn't is just totally cool having this monkey off your back? You brought up rewards. I'm way into rewards ;) Keep recognizing them so you can stay successful in your quit. You've got plenty of extra time now and money to institute new rewards. Rewards have been the funnest part of my quit :)

To everyone I may have left out, please keep going strong!!!! Pay your experiences forward so that other soon-to-be quitters have that much more of a chance to do this. I read every word on these boards when I was embarking on this journey, just like Mazie did. I'm also thinking of Suze over on the other thread. Knowledge is power.
Good for you Chlorisrat -- Keep it up!!!! You CAN do this!!! In awhile, your new habit of not smoking will replace your old bad habit, and that will really help to make things easier. But for now, just be proud of yourself.
Please keep trying and dont give up. Each of us are different and unfortunately Chantix is one fit pill. Just keep say no I dont need it, I have been doing breathe exercises that seems to help. Today is a really bad day as far as emotions go my son is missing (he's 22) and has been going through alot. So far I havent smoked the few times a felt I really need one I went for a walk and thought about everything but the cig soon the feeling past. I hope this helps you.

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