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Congrats to everyone on their continued success!!!

I'm heading out for some much needed breakfast for dinner (haven't done that in AGES!), but I just wanted to check in and say hello and how strong everyone is.

Ariel, I didn't take the med for very long. I started it on 5/7 and stopped it on 6/22. I never really liked the way it made me feel (other than the dreams, which I loved). I was never able to take a whole milligram at a time, so halving them and taking a half four times a day is how I took it the first few weeks. Eventually, I started forgetting to take my bedtime half and actually awoke feeling pretty darn good. Cravings weren't any stronger, either.

So I thought I could just stop it. I was about two, three weeks into my quit and thought I could get by without Chantix, but I couldn't. I felt awful, wanted a cig really bad and I think I had a bout of anxiety. Anyway, I went back to three halves per day (so 1.5 milligrams) and felt pretty good. Then I just did two halves per day for a week or so, followed by just a half for about another week.

This worked for me. My hubby couldn't tolerate Chantix at all, was on it for about two and a half weeks, long enough to get through hell week, quit the med and is still smoke-free.

For me, when my focus went from my "awe" of being smoke-free for days and days to a bit of apprehension about the med itself and its long-term effects, I began tapering off to see how I would do. Turns out I did fine with a slow wean off the med.

But I do still have small bouts of irritability, anxiety and sadness (wouldn't go so far as to call it depression). I deal with them instead of a pill or a smoke. I plan on these little episodes for about a year -- that's what I've read, anyway. This goes way beyond craving for a cigarette. I think this is the "mental" part where we have to retrain our brains to cope with life without turning to a smoke or pill -- for me, at least. I didn't take pills before Chantix, and I don't plan on having to take pills after Chantix!

HTH & congrats to everyone again :)

Cracker Barrel, here I come!

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