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Re: One year
Aug 3, 2007
You're welcome nuffs3! :)

Hey're doing good...please keep it up. Now I do remember you. My GF's daughter, [actually, 2 of my GF's daughters have MS], but the one who had the worse case of it, thankfully she is doing SO much better. She is taking her daily injections, and my GF said as long as she keeps her stress levels to a minumum, she has been alright. That can't be to easy for her, [or anyone these days], as she has 2 little boys under 5, and they live in [heavily congested] S. CAL. Also, a few months ago her husband, [daughter's hubby], was diagnosed himself with an autoimmune disease, another one that pretty horrible, ankylosing spondylitis...a bad back he's on expensive injections now as well. Sometimes life seems so unfair. My other GF's daughter who has it, has it so mild, she really has no symptoms as yet...just some tingling in her fingers, and fatigue. A specialist they sent her to said some people can stay pretty well like that for 15 years or so and then boom, like that they can start getting symptoms. I'm a little worried about her right now, as her mother, [my friend] just passed away on Sunday moring after a 9 year battle with breast cancer...and 3 grueling weeks for her while her mom was struggling in the hospital. I worried for her with all of that stress.

Anyway...I understand what you mean about quitting and symptoms showing up...I really do. I had a small relapse after 4 months into this quit, and at the time I was suffering horrible pain as I had just had started thyroid treatment and darn it I smoked for a whole day, and I swear, by the next day I felt so so much better, almost well again. That was the devil trying to keep me smoking.. heh hehe :D....but I said screw him, and I went right back on the wagon. I know it sucks but your body will in time get used to being w/o those chems and junk, and it will adjust and you'll be okay. I will pray for you girl. and I'm so proud of you for making it through these 35 days....way to go girl!! Just keep your mind busy...fortunately we find when we quit all of this free time on our hands to do so many things! We never realize just how much time we wasted smoking, did we!!??

Good job going to the workout center nuffs! Remind us when it's your 6 month anniversary on new years eve and we'll be here to celebrate it with you...I promise, at least I will... :jester: and I'm sure out of all of these fine people that they'll be others here to pat your back as well. Stick with this support group, and just whatever you do nuffs, just please don't smoke! Come on this board right away if you feel like you need support and a good scolding or pep talk..okay? :)

Have a great weekend...

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