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Re: One year
Aug 3, 2007

Yes,stress will kick any disease into over drive.I was hospitalized in March and had another relapse in June,stress related probably,daughter graduated ,in-laws from heck in town,all of hubbys family hear and my daughter left June 25th for the Navy.So I picked that time to quit.Isn't gonna get anymore stressful than that.

I am taking chantix,just half a pill a day.

I do my shots 3 times a week,hate them.I have extreme pain and that started after I quit smoking.So I take pain meds plus all the other added MS meds.

I have no intentions on going back to smoking.I've slowly gained a little weight ,I desperately needed and going to the fitness center has helped gain a little muscle back.

I have to rely on leg braces to walk,but thats okay,It beats a wheel chair.

We are gonna have stress regardless if we smoke or not.I plan on beating this demand,but I don't think I have ever smoked in my garage in my undies.:)

Thanks for all your support.

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