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I am so sorry this is happening to you! And you're not alone. Do an online search for this med's side effects.

My hubby "freaked" on Chantix. He ended up stopping it after only a few weeks. He became extremely angry. And it started those first few days he started Chantix, not once he quit. I know irritability is a side effect of quitting smoking, but this set in long before he put the smokes down. Also, he'd successfully quit before for almost a year, and this anger/rage thing did not happen to him.

He's also about as sweet as they come. He's a shy, quiet artist I've known since he was a teenager. He's never raised a hand to anyone or even talked about it. Chantix really turned him into someone none of us recognized. When he started talking about extremely dark thoughts involving ending it all, I looked at the physician pamphlet (vs. the patient pamphlet) you can download from Pfizer's website. Sure enough, there were several rage/suicidal ideation precautions there, so he stopped the med immediately.

His anger/rage has gone from a solid 10 to about a 2 or 3. Now we wonder if the little bit of anger/rage/irritability he has is just the "normal" stuff everyone goes through when they quit smoking or if it's still Chantix side effect. He'd started Chantix on 5/7 and stopped it right around 5/29.

I sure hope you get to the bottom of your problems. Do some research. I read there's a consumer advocacy group involved or close to getting involved with getting Pfizer to address these side effects.

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