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When I quit once before, I found it helpful to cut a drinking straw in half, and carry it around with you. When the urge hits, make the smoking motion with the straw (pulling air through it). It sounds and looks crazy, but it really helps! I am convinced that 90% of the smoking habit is psychological. Finding healthy alternatives really helps.

Now I'd like to ask my own questions. I joined this board today because I've got an MD appointment tomorrow and plan to ask him about Chantix (my insurance company has just decided to cover it). I quit once before using a combination of Wellbutrin and the Nicoderm patch, and stayed quit for 18 months. Why did I start again? Foolishness. I thought I could have an occasional cigarette. WRONG. Its like having "one beer" to an alcoholic. One leads to two leads to a pack.

One thing I hated last time was that I gained 30 pounds in just a couple of months - without eating anything more than I ever did! Obviously, weight gain is a side effect of quitting smoking, but does Chantix do anything to reduce the chances of this happening? I'd be interested in hearing from people who have been quit (using Chantix) for several months about their experiences with weight gain. It has been my "excuse" ever since I relapsed not to quit again and I'd like to take away my own excuse because I know it is important that I do this!

My other question concerns the palpitations/nervousness. I had a scary experience with the Wellbutrin and a panic attack while driving 60 mph on a highway. Have many of you had anxiety attacks/palpitations? Is it allowed to drink caffeinated drinks while taking Chantix, or should they be avoided?

I never got back up to the level (2 packs/day) that I smoked before my first quit but I still smoke more than I should (a pack a day) and at 50 yrs old, I'm beginning to feel it. My husband doesn't smoke, and I'd like to enjoy my old age with him instead of fighting emphysema or dying of lung cancer.
I started on Chantix Sept. 5 and my quit date was 9/12. I had 2 packs left so I decided to smoke til they were gone (1 more day +/-) As it turned out I had a massive coronary at 3:00 Pm on the 12th. They revived me and did an emergency proceedure to place some stents in some blocked arteries.
Well, I'm a little bullheaded so when I got out of the hospital after a week I started up again still planning to quit when I ran out and still taking the Chantix. I was in Denver at the time and drove home to Indiana after the follow up visits to the Cardiologist there. My wife had flown out and did most of the driving.
Upon returning home I had an appointment with a local Cardiologist in Evansville who found my heartrate running way too low (32-45 BPM) He slapped me in the hospital here and I wound up with a pacemaker/ defibrullator installed and another week in the hospital. (Did I mention that I did smoke my last cigarette (of my stash) as planned on September 26? (I really milked them to last!) It may have been easier being imprisoned in the hospital but I've had many opportunities to smoke and the Chantix seems to be doing what they say it will.
As far as weight gain I have to watch the substitutes that I choose (I went through 8lbs of Smarties but the neat thing about them is you have to unwrap them and then hold the package while you pick out the Smarties. It is sort of an operation, like smoking!) Mealwise, the heart condition has my wife watching my sodium as well as fat & cholestorol pretty close so I have actually lost weight.
Bottom line is that I think the Chantix does wat it says it does It just makes the cravings a little less so that you get past them a little easier. I believe that for those of us that smoked, overate, drank, drugged, etc to excess were basically triggering an endorphine release (whether the same endorphines I'm not sure) so the possibility exists that Chantix may help reduce cravings for other Oral fixations.

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