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Well many of you probably know that I have not been getting much sleep from the chantix. Since I still had cravings I thought the chantix didn't work and was just giving me insomnia. Thought it was just another thing to trick people with weak minds to believe something happened when it didn't.
so since I was so much smarter then them I decided not to take that pill...BIG MISTAKE!!!! the cravings came at full force like day 3 all over again. So, I was wrong the chantix does work because once I broke down and took the pill the cravings eased up alot...THE CHANTIX WORKS!!! I only got 3 hours sleep last night but today I am cutting them and taking them 4 times a day and see if that works. I got rid of my 2 smallest foster children so I really don't care if I am a zombie for now as long as I don't smoke. The 4 other children are old enough to help themselves with most things...

hotdam r u still with me? I hope everything is well for you!!
I had a heck of a time with Chantix. But I kept on with it because nothing else worked for me. Welbutrin, patches, cold turkey, hypnosis and gum just didn't help.

When I first started taking the pill I was going nuts with the side effects. The sleepless nights were terrible. I was about to quit the Chantix until a poster informed me that trouble sleeping was also a symptom of nicotine withdrawl. If you look it up, alot of the side effects of Chantix are also side effects of nicotine withdrawl. So you can't blame everything on the pill.

Some of the things that I did on my journey to being nicotine free was:

1. picked fights with my wife
2. yelled at the kids
3. cut down on alcohol
4. was sleepy
5. ate sunflower seeds
6. took my dog for walks in the middle of the night
7. cut my evening pill in half after a couple weeks
8. cut out my evening pill all together
9. slept a little better
10. picked fights with my wife
11. wanted a smoke
12. didn't want a smoke
13. was in a brain fog for a month
14. was very proud of myself for finally kicking the stupid habit
15. picked a fight with my wife
16. wanted a smoke
17. didn't want to smoke

I've been at it for 5 months or so and my journey isn't over yet. All I know is that after all of the bullsh*t that I went through, I never want to go through that again. That's what keeps me from picking up another stupid cig.

Good luck to you on your journey.
Thanks tom and your list is funny. I have been wanting to get sunflower seeds since my jaw hurts from gum funny I feel like i need to eat so i eat then after i eat i need cig so i eat again to cover up wanting cig.

you all kind of scare me when you say 5 months is still a challenge...wth...I really am gung ho about never smoking again, but 5 months of a challenge..yikes..oh well one day at a time...

I fight with my own dang mind over smoking. It really makes me feel insane and then when I literally think about myself arguing with MYSELF i crack up out loud. My whole family looks at me like I am crazy laughing out of nowhere.So now I feel crazy and they think I am crazy, so I am going
WHY OH WHY DID I EVER PICK UP THAT FIRST CIG..??? Oh ya I remember to blow smoke rings because i thought thy were so cool looking. Then I had to practice inhaling because all my friends could do it so I was determined to do it without choking..they really should ban these dang things. It's ridiculous!!! sorry all just venting all my thoughts...I promise when I am all good, to come back to help others..

To end on positive note.. I never had brain fog (KNOCK ON WOOD) but had it when i quit pain pills and know how bad that is, so those of you that have to deal with that on top of everything else be proud SO PROUD..
tom ,steno, and hotdam thank you all for your replys. I can not even tell you all in words how much I am in debt to you..

splitting the pills helped with sleep problem but now it feels like i have sore muscles everywhere? I feel like my sister, if it wasn't one thing bothering her it was the other. I am feeling closer to normal with my brain today.. Not completely sane yet but almost...i am going to be a cow before this is over.... i have had alot of gas.. I didn't know it was from the pill, I thought nicotine must've messed with my digestive system also. I am kinda enjoying it. payback time to my 3 boys lol..congrats quit buddy..sounds like you licked that demon with ease..

steno , I looked that holy basil stuff up and it is amazing what all it has been proven to help..even quitting smoking.. I want some but it said it came in leaf form pill and other ways. could you tell me how much you take and brand etc... thanks for that info in another post..The stuff sounds amazing on every site I read about it...going to try and catch some zzzzzzzzzz's..

oh also when you all have these dreams have you been dreaming about dead loved ones... my mom is in my dreams every night and they are so real that I wake up and feel like I really seen her, then end up in tears but I really enjoy them
steno, thank you for the help with holy basil.. I'm getting some a.s.a.p...

hotdam..I am gaining weight like crazy..The sad part is I just lost 30 lbs and was trying to get the last 4 lbs off so I tried to exercise but I would get winded easily so then I decide that I am going to quit smoking so I can start exercising easily and I gain alot of the weight I lost back.

I don't believe it is the chantix becuase I did not gain it on the meds until I stopped smoking. I think it is the box a day of cheez-its that I eat.

I have hypothyroid so I have battled my weight for last 8 years since I had my last child. Not too worried about it. VEry low carb diet makes me lose weight fast and can usually keep it off for 2 years until I get way to laxed about what I am eating..I am dealing with this smoking thing and when I feel I have licked it I will begn to worry about my weight thing..

good luck to you..don't worry what do they say "JUST more to love":D

10 days and 11 hours..I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!:wave: :wave: BYE FOR NOW

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