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I had a heck of a time with Chantix. But I kept on with it because nothing else worked for me. Welbutrin, patches, cold turkey, hypnosis and gum just didn't help.

When I first started taking the pill I was going nuts with the side effects. The sleepless nights were terrible. I was about to quit the Chantix until a poster informed me that trouble sleeping was also a symptom of nicotine withdrawl. If you look it up, alot of the side effects of Chantix are also side effects of nicotine withdrawl. So you can't blame everything on the pill.

Some of the things that I did on my journey to being nicotine free was:

1. picked fights with my wife
2. yelled at the kids
3. cut down on alcohol
4. was sleepy
5. ate sunflower seeds
6. took my dog for walks in the middle of the night
7. cut my evening pill in half after a couple weeks
8. cut out my evening pill all together
9. slept a little better
10. picked fights with my wife
11. wanted a smoke
12. didn't want a smoke
13. was in a brain fog for a month
14. was very proud of myself for finally kicking the stupid habit
15. picked a fight with my wife
16. wanted a smoke
17. didn't want to smoke

I've been at it for 5 months or so and my journey isn't over yet. All I know is that after all of the bullsh*t that I went through, I never want to go through that again. That's what keeps me from picking up another stupid cig.

Good luck to you on your journey.
Mornin', Dee :)

Very sore here, too, and I'm way beyond the physical effects of nico withdrawal and I've been off Chantix about seven weeks now. I think mine is joints, strange places, too. Like the base of my toes on my left foot, the back of my left knee, the middle knuckle on my middle finger of my left hand, my right elbow. I'm 35 and have never had muscle or joint pain.

But it beats how my chest hurt every morning after my coughing fits as a smoker :D

Seriously, I've read all kinds of stuff on the Net, could be side effect of quitting, side effect of Chantix ... I also read that smoking has anesthesia in it and masks all sorts of pains. I'll bet this is why so many folks get diagnosed with bad illness after quitting. We can finally feel when something might be wrong?

Had to chuckle at the gas, lol. No kids here, but I do have a hubby who qualifies as a child at times. Payback's been fun ;)

The holy basil we get is from New Chapter. We get it in gel cap form and take two with breakfast or lunch. Two gel caps contain about 700 mgs of holy basil.

I think I'd underestimated common herbs. I flipped on the computer the other day and right on the "news" section of my browser's homepage was talk about how some common herbs are now being recognized as super foods and should be consumed daily, basil being one of them. I think thyme and oregano were others ... could be wrong. I just remember being happy that most of what was listed I grow on my kitchen windowsill to keep the kitchen smelling good and grew to be able to make fresh salad dressings without having to spend a fortune at the store.

Yes, I dreamed about dead loved ones, too, often. My grandmother passed last year, and I dreamed a lot about her while I was on Chantix. Always really fun stuff, tho, which was odd because we fought in real life. I never woke up sad -- probably just because of the nature of our relationship -- but I did wake up every morning and had to do double-take because it REALLY felt like I'd just seen her.

Best of luck to you with the holy basil, dreams & gas :)

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