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Hello to all my non-smoking friends and those of you thinking about quitting. I am starting my 5th week on Chantix and it seems like the last several days, I've been super irritable. The first few weeks on Chantix, I was sort of lethargic, kind of in a fog, which was great because I could zone out and not think of cigarettes. Well, now it feels like the fog has kind of lifted and I feel like I want to hurt people who talk to me. hehehe. not really, but I am very irritable. So have any of you been irritable on the Chantix? Am I just being hyper-sensitive? I have always had bouts of irritability but they would usually be a day or two once a month and were very predictable.
I haven't smoked since July 18 and I have no intention of starting again, but I don't feel ready to stop the Chantix yet either.
I believe the irritability has alot to do with not smoking more than the chantix, but who knows, that is why we tell our families we are going to be grouchy so bare with it. My husband tells me I am a grouch and I just tell him rather grouchy for a little while than smoking forever. He agreed. :D
Thanks for the replies. I think you're right, hotdam, that a lot of it is quitting smoking. All I know is I am very very irritable - mostly late afternoon/evening. Last night I was taking my dog out to go to the bathroom and he was taking too long and I was getting so angry at him. poor little guy, I kept going "hurry up and %^&ing go potty" and he'd stop and look at me with his cute little face, like "I'm trying, i'm trying." Then I was helping my son put together some iPod alarm clock thing and I got so mad, I started yelling and snapping at him. He goes "why are you so mad?" aahhh!!! I told him I was sorry and we talked about it awhile. He's 12 so he gets that it's not me - he's so happy I've quit smoking. And he's used to me being irritable on occasion anyway.
Stenolady, I am definitely going to get some holy basil to try. Thanks for the suggestion. Besides the chantix, I take a multivitamin and also flaxseed oil each day now, so adding that shouldn't be a problem.
janetj, thanks for responding and i hope the irritability goes away soon. for all of us. surely it will. It's still better than smoking.

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