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[QUOTE=StenoLady1;3185365]I agree, Liz. A few pounds or a few months of bloat look far better than oxygen masks, a tracheotomy or lung cancer.

Charm, I'll be honest. I haven't heard three to five pounds being the normal average. I heard the average is 16 to 22 pounds is normal to put on once you quit and that it takes about a year for your metabolism to even out.

Try not to lose focus of the goal here: To quit smoking! My doctor told me the average person would need to gain 75 to 100 pounds to do the damage smoking does. I know you work hard in the gym to look good, but smoking and its effects aren't flattering at all.[/QUOTE]

amen sista! hehe
some people might not even gain too much weight. just try not to substitute smoking with food. And if you must, just have a peice of dark chocolate every now and then. I love my Hershey's. :)
I only gained 3 pounds when i was on the full dose. I haven't gained anything in a month.
I have actually lost weight since starting Chantix, and haven't noticed bloating at all. I just read another post that said that someone lost weight as well. Maybe it affects us all differently.

Has anyone experienced any depression symptoms with Chantix? I have been feeling really down in the dumps lately (I'm finishing up week three) and I'm wondering if it's related...
[COLOR="Black"][SIZE="2"][B]Hi everyone.
Well i have just started my Champix. i am so wanting this to help me quit smoking.
I tryed hypnosis "spelling check" but that did not work for me.
My dad died 3 yrs ago from lung cancer and now my eldest sister who is only 41 has lung cancer , we are all heart broken as i am sure you can imagine.
So i will pray to god this med will help me on my way. as i am very bad with will power. but with this time now upon us in my family. i think for my dad and my sis i have to do it .
Teresa x x [/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
I too have had bloating. I wasn't quite sure if it was the Chantix but I think you confirmed it for me. Mine is in the upper abdomen with discomfort on the right side.

Have you or anyone reading the posts figured out a way to relieve the bloating? The Chantix has been great for this smoker of 22 years. A lot easier than I ever thought it would or could be. I want to continue taking the Chantix but the bloating is very uncomfortable.
I am not taking Chantix but am on the patch. Week 2 without a cigarette. I also have tried to quit many times and always went back to smoking because of weight gain. This time I am doing it while I go to Weight Watchers. So far I have lost weight while quitting. (3 lbs in 2 weeks) I don't think you have to gain. I think while we are trying to quit smoking we substitute with unhealthy things. Like candy etc.. On thing I have found that works for me is suck on a cinnamon stick. Sounds strange I know, but it really helps. Especially while driving in the car. Also drink lots of water. Good Luck to all. My husband is going to try chantix, so I was interested in the side effects of it. Especially the dreams.

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