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Re: Questions?
Sep 22, 2007
[I][QUOTE=ICC;3221035] I can't seem to break the cycle of thought processes.

Hello ICC....

[FONT="Times New Roman"]I remember talking with you before, but it's been a [long] while. (Weren't you one with thyroid problems too?) So sorry things are going badly for you right now. (3 surgeries!!?? I'm so sorry) :( I know for me, it was hard too, that first year that I quit. (It will be 4 years, this Monday though, ( :D ) that I quit...geez, I can hardly believe that!) As I was saying....yes, that first year was a toughie, but I did it, as I had made up my mind, that "No matter WHAT, I'll NEVER smoke again, EVER!" Each month that went by got a bit easier.....I really can not remember for certain, but you will come to a point when it just won't be driving you nuts more cravings, no more thinking bout' em all day more feeling deprived or depressed about missing it....[B]really! [/B] I thought I'd never reach that point, I felt as if I would always, ALWAYS be cravings them and feeling deprived and unhappy....but the days finally started getting where I just didn't miss them any longer, [at all] and the thought of smoking [honestly] makes me sick!

I know what you mean about missing everyone, and being bored too, ICC. A year before I quit smoking, I had to quit my job, as I was sick and in too much pain to work any longer,, I didn't know what was wrong with me, but about 14 months later, I diagnosed myself with the hypothyroid, and really went downhill after that, as I reacted so badly to the meds, and became increasingly sick, more pain, etc. And I too also had a lot of friends at work, and of course, we all said we'd stay in touch, etc.....but you know that never really happens. (One gal, she and I were very close at work, good, good buddies, and she is so busy now working 2 jobs, [yeah, one of those lucky people who at 56 is healthy as a horse]...the few times we connect we always say we are "definitely" going to get together for lunch"...yaw right.
...we still haven't done that yet...over 5 years now!]

When my dad passed away [last year], I joined a grief support group and made a lot of new friends there, also started going to a new church too, and have made a couple of new friends there as well. Also just recently lost a good friend to cancer...just the way life seems like the older we get, the more difficult it becomes. [to me it does] Pray...please pray. He gave me a lot of strength. Life IS hard anyway...but I would always remind myself, that as miserable as I felt, there were people who were going through tougher times than I was...just wanting a cig so badly. Imagine being sick with lung cancer, or lung disease....that would be a million times worse....and many other things as well.

And ICC...I know what you mean about the not getting along with hubby...I'm going through that right now too...and really have been since a long time ago...but oh well....I can't deal with his immaturity....only he can decide to change....but I'm not going to let him drive me crazy...that would give him too much joy! Well...he does sometimes, [drive me crazy] to tell you the truth, but I try my hardest to not let him get to me and just [as hard as it is], just blow him off, and walk away. He's worse than having a ill behaved 10 year old. (my kids were more mature when they were little!) :rolleyes:

Do you like to read? I read a whole videos/dvd' puzzles,...[that takes your mind off things, it really does]....go to your public library, [if you can get out] Just please don't give in and smoke,'s just not worth it... and you will be so sorry. (If you think you feel down'd feel even worse if you DID smoke! I know you would!)

Try to work on doing some things that will keep your mind busy...and just hang in there...keep reminding yourself, [meditate] that these feelings are only temporary, [because they are], and they will subside one day, and that YOU ARE strong enough to survive them till then!! (Because you really are, girl!!) Pray and ask God to help you through this,..and he will. (I will say a prayer for you too) And keep on coming to this board for support. There are lots of people going through the same, or have been through the same, and they will come around here and help you, that [sweet] girl, Velveeta did! :angel: [bless you, velveeta!]

Be grateful that you still have family too...I wish I had more family. I have a husband who is hardly ever home, [he's selfish], and my 2 kids are grown,...son lives about 20 miles away, and although I see him, it's not that often, he's so busy....and is with his girlfriend a lot too...and then our daughter lives in N.C., so that sucks.... (I'm going to go and visit her on Oct. 3 though, and I'm so excited!). I have lost my mom and dad, and older brother, [a year older than me, and we were very close]...and everyone else is gone! I do have one younger brother, who lives 500 miles away, but we're not really close though, as he has a weird [mean] wife, and they worship country clubs, money and hanging around with their wealthy friends. It's so sad, but what can we do? I'll just pray, and I will be fine. I know it gets lonely....but now I do have some friends around here, and that has helped,...if not just some people to talk on the phone with...sometimes for a couple of hours! lol :)

Be strong,....and post here 1 year from now to tell us just how much better life is! [because it WILL BE!] Just please don't smoke! :nono: (We're here for you!)

Take care,
Love, Deda[/FONT]

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