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I have tried Chantix two different times. I can't manage to get past 3 or 4 days on this medication due to very [U]severe[/U] nausea, to the point that I could not function at work. My family doctor even prescribed Phenegran for the nausea - but, that made me really sleepy on top of the nausea. (sigh)

No matter what medication you talk about - every persons body can react differently, depending on what their sensitivities are - sometimes having an unexpected opposite reaction. That is what happened when I took Wellbutrin/Zyban - I became really depressed. Not exactly what you expect from an antidepressant. ;)

So, even though Chantix may not be the answer for everybody - I have heard many success stories from my co-workers and the patients we care for (cardiac step-down unit).
I agree. I tried Wellbutrin/Zyban and ended up in the hospital with a severe case of hives and swelling. I was so happy when Chantix came out because although I've tried the patch several times, I always went back to smoking. I feel that I probably should be on Chantix for another month but the symptoms were bad - stomach pains and gas, and even after being off of Chantix for four days, my stomach is still a mess. I agree with you that everyone has to find what will help them quit and the biggest thing is that you really need to want to quit before anything will work.

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