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I have been meaning to do an update, so I will do it here. I have been taking Chantix for 5 weeks now. So 4 weeks and I have not smoked!!!! I am so happy about that. I can say one month now instead of weeks or days.
Anyways, when I first posted, I didn't have any side effects. Well, that was early in the game here. I have had some side effects, but not bad enough to stop the Chantix, yet anyways.
For the first 4 weeks, I took it as we are suppose to. My side effects are gas, burping, terrible heart burn, a feeling like a bowling ball was in my stomach for a couple of hours after I take the first pill. I didn't really have nausea, but more like queasiness. Every day I had all of the above problems. So on this past week (my fifth week and the beginning of my maintenance) I decided to only take one blue pill per day instead of two. I still have all of the problems above, but they aren't as bothersome. I will do the same this coming week (6th week) and then after that, if all goes well, I will cut back some more. I haven't decided yet how. I am trying to wean myself off slowly and hopefully I can quit the Chantix in a few weeks and still not smoke. I am concerned about some of the side effects for the long term as I don't think this pill has been out long enough for us to know, so I want to get off of it as soon as I can and still not smoke. My dr. said for me to take my Prilosec and it helps tremendously for the heartburn. I took Prilosec before the Chantix, but quit for a while because I felt like I was taking too many pills. I have not missed any work. I do dream alot, but I always have at times. Nothing weird. I have more energy now. I don't like the taste of coffee now but I keep trying. My mouth is very dry (some of that is the meds I am taking for my IBS). I cough, but it is an occasional light cough. Usually nothing comes up, sometimes a clear discharge. I do find myself trying to clear my throat quite a lot. I was outragously hungry all the time when I was taking 2 of the blue pills per day. Now that I only take one a day, I am only hungry a lot, but not all of the time and not outrageously :) I am picky about what I eat. I like very spicy food. Bland food is bland. I think a lot of things smell bad now. I am always smelling "stuff". I think some of my friends think I am crazy (not really) because I keep saying What is that smell and they don't smell anything.
That about sums it up. Sorry if this is so long. I am glad so far, that I found Chantix. I realize some people have bad problems with it, but so far, I have been able to get through mine. I am worried about going off of Chantix, but that is yet to be seen. I do think a lot of people who aren't having problems are maybe not posting because all is well. I know of 3 people personally that is on it and one has been off a year and doing great and the other two are doing good so far.
Hope all goes well for everyone and good luck and I hope we all can quit smoking one way or another.

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