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Is anyone having problems when they come off the Chantic cause I am.
Maybe you can expand a little? What are you having trouble with?

I weaned myself off, as I'd read on other sites of so many people having Chantix withdrawals quitting the med cold turkey.

My hubby had a good bit of insomnia and depression when stopping Chantix (he only took it for three weeks). Cutting a LOT of caffeine out of his diet and incorporating a supplement called holy basil helped him tremendously.

I had anxiety and joint pain when stopping Chantix. The holy basil helped the anxiety, and lots and lots of daily walking helped with the joint pain.

My mother was left with GI problems. A pill called Aciphex from the doctor seems to be taking care of that.

Please don't hesitate to speak with your health care professional and/or pharmacist. Lots and lots of folks have trouble coming off Chantix, and I think the medical community is learning how to better deal with it.
Some of the problems are the same ones not smoking causes, like compromised sense of balance and general spaceyness, only more severe. When I first went off the Chantix, all at once, I also had upset stomach, dierrhea, anxiety, and a lot of odd body sensations. I went back to taking it and now am slowly getting off but I feel spaced out most of the time, am anxious my balance is compromised and I don't seem to have the ability to concentrate. I find myself wondering if this is just how it will be always. The good news is I have no desire to smoke. :)
Well, I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. It's so hard to tell if what a lot of us are experiencing are Chantix or quit smoking effects or a combination of both.

You mentioning your balance issues reminded me of something. Both my hubby and I had issues with our sinuses during our quit/Chantix journey. DH's happened almost immediately after quitting smoking and has been intermittent since. My sinuses went haywire about a month into my quit (as well as my throat being sore every morning).

Anyway, I know the sinuses and ears are all intertwined. I'm real susceptible to vertigo because of an ear trauma a while back. As soon as I felt my sinuses "off," I started using my Nasonex, because the sinus issue will eventually set off the vertigo for me if I don't nip that right in the bud.

I think I'd check in with a physician if I were you -- at least about the balance issues. It could be something very simple like fluid in your ear, or a lack of something in your ear now that you're no longer smoking.

Can I ask how long you've been quit? I had the spaciness as well as anxiety, but it gets better as time goes on. I felt the same way with previous quit attempts, though, without Chantix. I smoked my last smoke 5/22 and quit Chantix about a month later, and I still feel I need my holy basil for anxiety. I actually thought I might be over it and didn't take any of the holy basil the last few days, and yesterday I found myself thinking I still need it. But the feelings are happening less frequently, thank goodness.

For me, I think these feelings are more associated with not smoking than the med. But that's just me. Chantix definitely lists these things as side effects, so I can see where it would be hard to tell what's coming from what and what will hopefully go away.

Have you tried the simplest remedies, diet and exercise? My diet was pretty good to start with and exercise did help a little bit, but I still needed a little boost with a natural antidepressant/antianxiety supplement.

Best of luck & major congrats on your quit. Hopefully you can get that balance problem in check :)
I've been quit for 2 months now. Long enough that all of these symptoms are making me weary. You said what i needed to hear, that eventually it gets better. After 30 years of keeping my brain supplied with nicotine it is bound to holler when the drug is gone.
My husband was taking CHANTIX for two weeks so he could quit dipping snuff. He is on meds for depression and CHANTIX has made him feel horrible. He quit taking CHANTIX and is taking Holy Basil as suggested on this forum. He's been off CHANTIX for two days. How soon can he expect to start feeling better? He said the depression he's feeling now is much worse than it has ever been. He's afraid the CHANTIX is blocking his Zoloft from working. I've called our doctor and haven't heard back. I'm very disappointed that depression is not listed as a possible side effect. I think it should not be prescribed for patients who are already on meds for depression.
from what ive read chantix has a half life of 24 hours.

so i guess it depends on much of it is in his system. like if he had say 2mg in there (remember, he may even have more as thist stuff builds up in your system), in 24 hours it woudl be down to 1mg, then another 24 hours it would be down to .5mg.

when i went off chantix i found that it was still in my system for about 48 hours after my last pill.
I actually began to get a little worried because I constantly felt like a ditzy person. I would lose my train of thought very easily. I couldn't remember the simplest of things...very scary for me. I wasn't sure if it was due to Chantix or not smoking. I decided to cut down to one pill per day. That worked great for a few days but than I felt myself needing a smoke more and more. I am now going back to taking 2 pills per day....ugghhh....

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