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Re: Chantix
Oct 11, 2007
OK, call me crazy. I am on Day 2 of taking Chantix. I smoked yesterday and I smoked maybe about 4 cigs today. I just finished eating dinner and we all know how a GOOD it feels to smoke after your tummy is full...but I dont feel like going outside to have one. I guess that is a good thing, surely it must all be in my head. I wouldnt think Chantix would work that fast.

As far as the side effects. I already have spells of nausea. I could not go to sleep to save my life last nite. Once I did go to sleep I had a crazy dream of a black panther and some monkeys chasing me down some road trying to bite me. Come to think of it, I do not think I did a #2 potty yesterday or thats another side effect. Not that you all really wanted to know but you know!

Also, what I find really weird is that I started my period today. Now keep in mind I got my period when I was 14 and have always stayed regular (to the date). I am now 30. Anyways, make a long story short, I started my period today (a week and a half early). I havent been able to find any other messages concerning this so maybe it is just one of those freak things.....or maybe it is the Chantix.

OK, well good luck to all. Remember, even though these side effects is still worth it in the long run. They are not permanent!

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