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Re: Chantix
Oct 11, 2007
In the interest of clarity, I want to add the following:

I had very few ill effects from Chantix.
1. The first few days, I had a bit of queasiness after taking the morning pill. After that, I made sure to have some food (slice of peanut butter toast) and a FULL glass of water, and I had no further belly problems.
2. I had VIVID dreams for the first two weeks. The dreams were not disturbing in any way - they were just really vivid. The colors were brighter, the noises were louder, and I remembered the dreams when I woke up.
Re: Chantix
Oct 11, 2007
I have been smoke free for 8 days now with chantix. I also found that food or even milk with the pill helps with the nausea. I had one episode of agitation/anger on day 2. Other than that I have been fine. Food doesn't seem to taste as good but I am eating lots of cnady,gum,popcicles,carrots and apples with lots of water.
I am also having dreams that I remember more than usual. While they are not bad/scary dreams they are not GOOD dreams. I keep dreaming that I quit smoking and I keep finding cigarettes!!! grrr.
I made sure there were no cigarettes in my house at all. I probably would have tried one if there were. They did start to taste bad. It was like the nicotine in them was not giving me relief. Other than the 2nd day of agitation I think maybe the chantix has kept me calmer. I should have been much more snappy and grumpy. When I quit before I yelled and complained a lot. I even cried one time. I have a pretty calm life right now too so maybe that is it.
Each day gets easier. The first 3 are the hardest. Cravings get further apart and MUCH milder.
I keep trying to stay positive about not smoking. I am also doing this for MYSELF. My health. So far it is working!!!

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