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I have been lurking on this board for a while after taking Chantix. I also have had some really bad side effects. Here is my timeline:
10-20 - I started Chantinix and I was dizzy, foggy, on a cloud, unable to concentrate etc.
11-5 - Was my quit date then the side effects intensified/really got worse. I was having insomnia, blurred/tunnel vision, anxiety, mass depression, anger and as I read in another thread "I was in a dark spot in my head."
11-15 - With little sleep I was not sure if some of it was sleep deprivation or the Chantix so I reported all this to my Doctor and he prescribed Ambien. After a few days of better sleep it did not get any better.
11-19 - Call my doctor again and told him it was getting worse. We agreed to cut the dose in half so I did.
11-23 - I could not even take the half doses anymore and stopped.
11-25 - I end up in the ER with a massive panic attack and was given Xanax but still continued to have all the side effects.
11-30 - Saw the Doctor again and he told me that the Chantix should be gone and that it was nicotine withdrawals and told me to start the 21 MG patch.
Today (12-7) - Went again to the doctor and told him it was not getting any better and had another bad anxiety attack earlier in the week. He told me he has never advised this before but that I should go back to smoking!!! I told him no and now wants to treat me for depression & anxiety with Clonazepam & Lexapro. I have no prior history with depression & anxiety. The side effects of these drugs look worse then what I am going through now.
I am really starting to kinda freak out and am at a loss as what to do. Is there any way I could still be having these bad withdraw effects while being on the patch and not smoking since 11-5? Has anyone else been in this situation and could advise? I am really hesitant to take more freaking drugs. If I knew what the cause was or that it would just go away or get better soon then I could deal with it but it seems like there no light at the end of the tunnel. Well the only good news is that I have been smoke free for 33 days!
Any help/advice from you experienced folks would be appreciated...

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