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Re: Hello
Oct 14, 2007
Hi Kimmie,

I am fairly new to this website myself. Well, sounds like you have tried everything else in the book to try and quit smoking, so why not try the Chantix. It is worth a shot! I have been on it for 5 days now and it is working. You can still smoke during the first week you are on it, which is good because I still need a smoke now and again. I find that I am smoking less and less though. I even went for a whole day without smoking. It is a pretty cool drug. I am trying to quit for my kids too. You would think just by them saying "mommy please quit" would be enough motivation, but it is hard. Of course my girls are young and don't understand the concept of addiction. Anyways, so far I have had mild side effects to it. Had some nausea, trouble sleeping, and some weird dreams.

So, I say go for it...what have you got to lose? Good Luck! ;)
Re: Hello
Oct 15, 2007
Hi kimie
I am really new here to, and I like you came here on a search and found some really interesting answers to alot of the question's i had. I am on Day 5 of Chantix. I had previously quit for 6 months once doing accupunture which really helped, but it wares off and you have to keep going and it gets expensive which lead me back to smoking. My husband and I are looking to start a family soon and I want to be as healthy as i can before i bring a child into the world.

So far here is what I have been expierencing.

Days 1-3: Fantastic-mild nassau (went away after a few mint) (i would assume this is like a moring sickness feeling to most moms), a bit wired (all bout energy), went to bed normal (had very HDTV (clear) dreams) nothing to dramatic.
Day 4- Thats when you are supposed to take 2 pills. Not a good day at all. I had flu like symptoms (was in bed all day) anxiety, rubbery legs, tunnel vision and just wanted to lay in bed.
Today Day 5- Felt jittery like I just taken a shot of expresso this morning, wired. Its now almost 2:00, and I feel like I am coming off a caffeine high. I have a headache and im tired.
Is this enough to make me stop taking it? Im not ready to give up yet, cause with that being said I havent had a single cig in 72 hours. U can smoke up to 8 days prior to your quit date, and I haven't had the urge (which is also what scares me about this product). I have lost the urge, and more or less now its the habit that needs to be changed.

well thats enough of my rambling. I say go for it. If you have it in you to stick it out especially for your childrens sake than do it

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