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Hello all I have been on Chantix now for almost 2 weeks and yet I am still not smoke free, but have cut down alot went from 2-3 packs a day to less then 1. So I think if I keep an open mind and realize that even tho side effects are not a great thing to go through they are still gonna be 100 times better for you then smoking. So I say just keep reminding you of that fact have some headache, some bad dreams, maybe cant sleep or eat right for a few weeks. Still going to be alot better then all the poisons we put into our bodies day after day after day with smoking. This is just my idea on quiting with chantix for those of you that are still smoking while on the pill for more then 2 weeks. I have the patch and in 2 days I will be putting it on and chewing gum. Will be cutting down on patches as time goes on and have a set date to be off chantix and the patch in 4 weeks after starting the patch. So would have been on chantix for 6 weeks total which my doctor suggested for me. Will keep you guys updated and wish you all the best luck in quiting and just remember for me a few side affects as long as they are not life threatening. Will be worth it a million times over to be able to quit smoking. So once again good luck

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