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Odd side effects
Oct 15, 2007
I am new here, and I am finding this board very knowledgeable and useful. I am on day 5 of Chantix. Haven't smoked in 48 hours. I havent felt the urge. Which is awesome. I wasnt a chain smoker, but I started going down that path, so I had a wake up call that it was time.

First 3 days of Chantix were awesome/ mild naseau (went away after a few minute's) and really cool dreams.

Day 4. Not so great. I felt like I head medicine head all day, was basically hauled up in my bed all day with aching legs and a feeling of "flu" like symptoms. (which again is listed as a possible side effect).

My question is now it's monday. I am at work. I can't have "medicine head" at work and fearful of my drive home later. I was thinking about splitting it in half? I haven't read that I can't do that ( I mean its not as effective) by any means but I am nervous to take it today. (Screw it I took the whole pill) I will play it out today.

I didnt take the night one either last night, as they are tending to make me very "wired" instead of tired. Is it a problem if I don't take 2? Do you continue to take 2 for the entire 12 weeks?
What if you feel like you don't need to rely on the pills anymore, can you stop taking them?

sorry for all the questions. I have been reading a ton of post's and I thought that someone could help a new person out
Heather I just read your post and want to let you know that I sort of did my own thing with Chantix. I started on April 21 and took the white ones then started the others. In May I smoked 3 packs instead of 3 cartons.They tasted worse and worse.I was having very vivid dreams and didn't like waking up all the time so decided to take 1 in the morning and none at night and it was much better.I got one refill for another month but was only taking one a day so took them longer. I still have a weeks worth left. I don't think I have had any side affects except the dreams but with one pill they went away. I have no desire for a cig even with my best friend who smokes all the time.I did not wean myself off the pills just stopped them one day. Good luck.
I was never a very heavy smoker (less than half a pack/day), and the Chantix has worked well. However, since I started it, I've had a problem with dizziness for some reason (at times I've been dizzy for hours). But I honestly don't know if this is the Chantix... it could be from something else I suppose...
I am on my 7th week of Chantix. When I first started I had the same kinda problems. They lasted maybe a month and than disappeared. Just keep with it. It is just your body trying to adjust
I am on my 10th day of Chantix and am completely miserable. Almost immediatly after a take a pill I experience extreme nausea and it dosen't go away all day. I feel "strange" as well, just kinda spacy and out of it...not much energy. I have cut down on my smoking considerably (because I'm too sick to smoke) but I still haven't quit completely. I normally have a "stomach of steel" and have never had a bad reaction to any medication. I guess I'll try to cut the pills in half and see if that helps. Has anyone else had this reaction or know of a way to ease the nausea?
[QUOTE=Cheri500;3326303]I am on my 10th day of Chantix and am completely miserable. Almost immediatly after a take a pill I experience extreme nausea and it dosen't go away all day. I feel "strange" as well, just kinda spacy and out of it...not much energy. I have cut down on my smoking considerably (because I'm too sick to smoke) but I still haven't quit completely. I normally have a "stomach of steel" and have never had a bad reaction to any medication. I guess I'll try to cut the pills in half and see if that helps. Has anyone else had this reaction or know of a way to ease the nausea?[/QUOTE]

I had extreme nausea. The only thing that helped was cutting the pills in half and taking a half four times a day instead of a whole two times per day. Even then, I still experienced nausea, but it just wasn't nearly as bad. Be sure to take the pill with a meal if you get this nausea thing. Not a cracker, piece of toast or a glass of milk -- a meal!

I found Chantix affected me different once I actually put the smokes down. I seemed to be able to tolerate it better and I wasn't so "out of it." The worst part of the whole quit/Chantix journey for me were those days I was smoking and on the full dose of the med. I quit on day 15 of taking the med, so I smoked just over a week on the higher dose. Talk about feeling ookie :dizzy:

Hang in there! It gets much better once you actually put the smokes down and let Chantix really kick in.
[QUOTE=KingD76;3326370]I have been taking it for a month. I had bad headaches, crazy dreams, and an upset stomach. I also have been having sweats at night. I still have crazy dreams, i dont get headaches, i still get an upset stomach(take with food!). the only one that is really uncomfortable is the sleeping issue of slight inasomnia and cold sweats. am i alone??[/QUOTE]

Have you talked to your doctor about the insomnia? Perhaps he/she could give you something short term to help with that.

I don't know if you've put the smokes down and actually quit, but I know a lot of people who suffered from the insomnia who successfully dropped the evening pill once they were well along in their quit. It was like they started forgetting to take the nighttime pill and realized their craves were manageable and they were finally able to sleep. But they were, like I said, well into their quits. Another thing you could try is taking your pill earlier in the day or maybe just a half dose in the evening/late afternoon.

Good luck! It's all worth it in the end. I quit with Chantix over six months ago, and it was the best thing I've ever done for myself -- even with all the side effects I had.
I have not spoken to my doctor about the insomnia. but i have another prescription that helps me sleep, i dont usually take it, but since this chantix stuff, I have had to. I slept good last night. i was a pack a day smoker, and now i am only suffering from the habit of smoking...lunch break, drive home, sunday coffee and paper, a beer with friends. I smoked a pack a day, now if i smoke 4 it is alot. this pill just really have to want to quit. I want to quit to stop taking this darn pill! this web page is helpful. I read it on my breaks instead of going outside for a smoke. thanks for the help, and i am happy to share my experiences as well. the side effects seem to lessen the longer you take it. I have begun taking my evening pill earlier, around 5 pm or 6 pm. after dinner. I dont usually eat breakfast, but now i am. it helps with the nausea. I may cut down to half a pill in the evening. Thanks again for the help, and i will continue to share because it helps me!
Please do continue to share.

If it's any consolation, the absolute worst part of my whole quit-with-Chantix journey were those last days I was still smoking on the full dose. I felt the worst physically and mentally. I think when you're smoking and taking the med, you're going through a very strange and torturous withdrawal, similar to the withdrawal you would if you quit cold turkey -- only worse because of the med being thrown into the equation. I smoked 15 days on the med because I kept waiting for something to "kick in" and magically make me not want to smoke anymore. That feeling never happened.

What did happen and where Chantix really, really works is when you don't have a smoke available to you -- I'm talking about the point where you say you're done and get rid of all your cigs, ashtrays, etc -- Chantix makes it so you're not going out of your mind for a smoke. The urge for a cig is totally manageable once you hit the point of "quitting." I wanted a cig about as much as I wanted a slice of pizza or a corvette, i.e., one would be nice, sure, but it's not the end of the world if I don't get one.

It was much more difficult if I allowed myself a cig at lunch or here and there those final days. And, boy, did I need a kick in the butt to get to my quit date, lol. My hubby quit with me on Chantix and he said to me one night he's done, that I can continue to smoke, but I'll be on my own. So his quit date became mine. I was amazed at how easy it was compared to those days I was smoking a few cigs a day.

I read what you just wrote and I go right back to those days I was smoking on the med. And I do agree; take the next step ASAP so you can be done with Chantix ASAP.

Honestly -- I swear -- this is the only quit I've ever gone through where the days leading up to the quit date were the worst and thing improved on quit date and after. And I know so many people both personally IRL and online in support groups who quit with Chantix, and they all say the same thing. It gets better once you pick a date or pick a last cigarette and then be done. That's what you're taking this med for, and, boy, that's when it really starts to work.

Keep us posted and good luck! It feels so nice to have that monkey off the back. You've come this far, you know?
Hello all I have been on Chantix now for almost 2 weeks and yet I am still not smoke free, but have cut down alot went from 2-3 packs a day to less then 1. So I think if I keep an open mind and realize that even tho side effects are not a great thing to go through they are still gonna be 100 times better for you then smoking. So I say just keep reminding you of that fact have some headache, some bad dreams, maybe cant sleep or eat right for a few weeks. Still going to be alot better then all the poisons we put into our bodies day after day after day with smoking. This is just my idea on quiting with chantix for those of you that are still smoking while on the pill for more then 2 weeks. I have the patch and in 2 days I will be putting it on and chewing gum. Will be cutting down on patches as time goes on and have a set date to be off chantix and the patch in 4 weeks after starting the patch. So would have been on chantix for 6 weeks total which my doctor suggested for me. Will keep you guys updated and wish you all the best luck in quiting and just remember for me a few side affects as long as they are not life threatening. Will be worth it a million times over to be able to quit smoking. So once again good luck

I am on day seven of chantix and have had the insomnia. I am also bipolar so I have ambian and xanax to sleep. I also have mood stablizers that I have to take along with the xanax for the anxiety during the day however my anxiety is getting worse with the chantix - BUT on the bright side to smoke a cigarette, even after being on this medication chantix for only seven days....tastes like I am actually licking the bottom of an ashtray. This is a very strong deterrent for me to not want to take a puff of a cig. I have been exercising my little dog to death who now seems happier than ever but my anxiety and irritation levels are still extremely high which is probably associated with bad sleep. (It is extremely important for bipolars to get adequate rest). Anyone have any suggestions. I don't want to give up on this med because it has really deterred me from even wanting to continue but the side effects combined w/the bipolar is concerning me.?.

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