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I don't have the nausea, but definately tired all the time..........
Waking up because of the strange vivid dreams and very tired about 5 in the afternoon....

Easy to stop smoking, but hard to stay awake.

Wife says I seem a little withdrawn or quieter than normal...

She should be happy lol
I started Chantix on Sep 23rd and haven't had a smoke now in 18 days. ;)

I too was extremely exhausted during the daytime. So I decided to try and take only 1 Chantix in the eveneing. So far it's working just fine for me and now I'm not so tired during the day.
im just in to day 3 myself.

i find the only side effects im getting are a little bloating and constipation and i feel extremely lethargic. i also find that around the 3-5 pm time frame im dying for a nap.

part of me wonders though if the exhaustion is less chantix and more nicotine withdrawal. after all chantix is blocking the nicotine receptors - so you are going through withdrawal while on chantix (but because it release 60% of the dopamine that nicotine would, you dont feel as bad as if you were going cold turkey).

anyway, im still smoking and have decided not to stop until i start the 1mg twice a day.

if this lethargy keeps up i don't know if ill be able to stay on chantix though. i can't be dragging myself around all day like i am right now.

but like i say, im going to wait until i get further in to the treatment before i start to get worried.

i wish i was having the vivid dreams! its hadhad no effects on my dreaming so far - but perhaps that will change when i get to a higher dosage.
I, like you, have had no dreams, and dont want them.
nausea is getting to me, but hopefully i can stay on them, the nausea seems to get worse the longer i am on them. i have been on them for three weeks now. if chantix doesnt work, then nothing will, i know i cant do it cold turkey.
good luck everyone.
I, like you, have had no dreams, and dont want them.
nausea is getting to me, but hopefully i can stay on them, the nausea seems to get worse the longer i am on them. i have been on them for three weeks now. if chantix doesnt work, then nothing will, i know i cant do it cold turkey.
good luck everyone.[/QUOTE]

wrong, i'm like you, this is my last quit attempt. if i dont make it this time then ill be a smoker for life. but i really do think ill make it this time. i've had short bouts in the past few days of feeling good without nicotine in my system (even though im still smoking the chantix blocks the nicotine receptors) - and i gotta say, its got me believing that i can feel good and alert and healthy without nicotine!

as for the nasea, i haven't had any, but i always take them after a meal. i haven't tried them on an empty stomach and probably wont.

then again, i've always had an iron stomach. i have thrown up in over 15 years :)

i wish i was getting the dreams. i normally dont dream (well, remember dreaming anyway). it would be nice to start dreaming again.
Joe, I have always taken the pill after I eat a meal, hopefully this passes soon as I am not giving up on this.
Hi Tcass73....was great hearing from you. Sounds like you are doing very well. I too find myself waking up two or three times during the night. I just look at the clock and go back to sleep. I hope that will pass in time as well. I'm trying so hard not to eat but I find myself graving something sweet all the time. I guess I need to starting walking on my machine at night but I do find myself very tired when I get home from work. A little more than usual. I to won't drink booze from reading those stories. I don't normally drink anyway so that won't bother me at all. Keep in touch and I know we can do this! ;)
Hi everyone.
I'm on my 7th day of Chantix, tomorrow I start my 1mg twice a day. I haven't smoked in a long time but got hooked, if you would believe, on the Nicotine Lozenges!

I've actually felt fine with the Chantix so far, today I do feel a bit tired though.

I wondered if anyone was on Lexapro and taking Chantix at the same time or like me, hooked on the lozenges and trying Chantix.

Good Luck everyone!

With any medication there are always side-effects and each of us may have a different experience. But I can tell you only from my own experience and share it with you.
I have been on Chantix for over 2 mos. I am in my 56 day of being smoke-free after 35 years of smoking. I too felt very lethargic, depressed and had lots of dreams during the night -- didn't seem to get rest, yet I wanted to sleep a lot. The important thing for me is that I could deal cope with it because I was not smoking and had no desire for a smoke...heck I hardly even thought about I couldn't believe it.
When I took the medication as directed for six weeks, I talked to my doctor about my side-effects and he suggested I cut back to 1 mg. a day (I do not half it, I take it in the morning w/light breakfast) That is working great for me. I sleep better and feeling more like my old self. What works for one person doesn't necessarily mean it will work for another. It is important that you talk with your doctor and make sure he is aware of any other medications you may be taking.
Hang in there...the side-effects are not nearly as bad as smoking. To make the decision to quit is the most important gift you can give yourself. Keep The Quit. Congratulations for beginning your quit.
I am glad someone else has addressed the tired feeling. Although it doesn't specifically list it in the side effects, being totally exhausted all the time is certainly the one that has hit me the most.

I have been on Chantix for 5 1/2 weeks and I am doing well. Not too much nausea as I drink my water and make sure I eat with it.

A little foggy sometimes as well. I have about 6 more weeks to complete the 12 week regimen. Has anyone stopped earlier or split the pill in half?

It is well worth being tired to give up the smoking.:)
Congratulations to all of us here on our quits! Keep up the good work.
Bethey, I am at 7 weeks, 3 days on Chantix and 6 weeks and 3 days of NO smoking!. The first month I took as directed, then I decided to take only one blue pill per day for 2 weeks because of stomach problems. I told my dr. and he said ok if it works for me and not start smoking again. He reminded me it takes quite a while for the receptors in the brain to close. Last week I cut the blue pill in half to begin to wean off of them, but then I read elsewhere that someone called the Chantix hotline and the person told them not to cut the pills in half, they were not meant to be cut. Soooooo, being a little leary, I went back to one blue pill a day and I feel great. Little side effects here and there, but not bad at all. I will take the blue pill until I reach at least 11 or 12 weeks and then I will begin weaning again.
I find myself with more energy, but I sleep really well. A little too well sometimes. A couple of weeks ago, I over slept by an hour. I had to have turned my alarm off and went back to sleep. I haven't over slept in about 30 years!! I use to wake up 30 minutes to an hour before the alarm went off. Now the alarm wakes me up and I don't want to get up, but I do and then the energy kicks in.
Nomoresmokin. Thanks so much for the information, it was very helpful. I don't go back to my doctor for a few more weeks so I will hold out until then. A few other people that I have spoken with went down to one pill a day also and it worked for them.

I can't wait to get some energy back. I can get up in the morning, no problem, but at night as soon as I get home I want to hit the bed.

I still work out every weekday but have to force myself to do it.

I really have no desire to smoke, it is truly amazing. Even when my boyfriend lights up (and if this works for me I think he will try it, he was skeptical) I don't even want a drag!!!
I am new to this post. I have felt pretty tired since I started Chantix, 2 weeks ago. My quit day was Friday, but I must admit, I did slip, I have had a few cigs, and I feel so guilty. I am 41, and have smoked for 30 years. Don't get me wrong, I do believe chantix works, it's me that's not working. It's so awful, if only the "urge" would leave. I really don't want to smoke, but it's almost as if it's all I know, I feel an emptiness, and depression. Instead of feeling welll, I feel as though I am missing something. What is amazing is how much more time you have to do things when you are not smoking!
Thanks for listening, and everyone, keep up the great work, and wish me luck to be a bit stronger, we can all do this!
The time will come when you get nothing from smoking and maybe the cigs will taste bad. It took 6 weeks for a friend of mine to lay the cigs down. Pick another date, get rid of the cigarettes, ashtrays, etc and quit. When I got urges during the first 2 to 3 weeks, I would hold my breath and then let it out or I would take several deep breaths. The deep breaths kind of gave me a little high like smoking. It also got the crave out of my mind. Also, when I got a crave, I quickly diverted my attention to something and before I knew it, the crave was gone. You are missing something! That white cancer stick! I feel more in control of my life without smoking. I have lots more time on my hands also, but I clean, I read, I get on the internet and of course I have to go to work.
Good luck, you can do it!
You're all doing great,keep up the good work !!!!!!!!!!

I done very well with chantix stopped smoking for 2 months it curbed the cravings and so forth.

I had some adverse effects with it fatigue,but nicotine is a stimulate,so it could of been my bodys way of adjusting.

nausea at first but eating and drinking plenty of water definately helped to stop that side effect.

With all new meds theres glitches and with me having multiple sclerosis there is a warning in the leaflet that states it can effect that.I had to stop taking it.I slowly started smoking again.Just a crutch basically.

My next target day is November 15th the great american smoke out and I'm gonna go cold turkey.

Keep in mind most side effects subside with time.

hi everyone. when i finished the starter pack, my doc gave me a script for .5 mg white pill. so you dont have to cut them in half. just ask your doc for the 1/2 dose prescription. 30 days smokefree. good luck to all.

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