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thanks KC.

made it through day 8 without smoking.

work up feeling pretty good today (day 9). actually had enough energy to go out and get some stuff done. went to the gas station and the grocery store (among others) and didn't buy a pack of smokes at either. felt pretty good, the urge was there but it wasn't so much an urge to smoke as it was anxiety over whether i would smoke or not.

in the past i've gone close to 24 hours without smoking (22 hours was my longest i think). already my last smoke was over 40 hours ago and the withdrawal is minimal. i mean, its still there, im still edgy, but its nothing like cold turkey. its still tough enough that you need to want to do this.

today is a big day, because (and how ironic is this) in the past when i would go a day without smoking, i would reward myself with... you guessed it, a smoke! haha. crazy i know, but that's how it would go.

so day 2 of a quit is the toughest for me, because thats where i start to feel better and think 'ahh, i feel healthy again. one smoke wont kill me." and after that one smoke its right back to being a smoker.

so far today i haven't bought any smokes, but the urge is there. its more a psychological urge than physical though.

at this point in chantix (day 9) with 40+ hours of non smoking under my belt, the pros and cons of the experience right now are...


- wow, haven't smoked in my car in like a week and when i got in it today it smelled like an ashtray to me. a dull stink. is this what other people smell when a smoker is around? yuck.

- wow, i can smell smoke everywhere now. got in the elevator today and could tell a smoker must have just been in it. when i leave a building i can smell smoke from where people put out their smokes.

- side effects of chantix have gone way down. drowsiness is gone. fogginess is gone. bloating is gone. constipation is gone. basically just edginess and a tad of lethargy remains.

- energy levels are way up. not sure if its actual energy or simply tension from withdrawal. either way, i'm considering taking a jog this evening, so thats something.

- socialness and libido is up (its above what it was when i was a smoker). im checking out women left right and center now. when i was a smoker i'd just kind of go about my business and ignore most people around me. now i find myself overly engaged with the world around me. go figure.


- man i would still love to smoke. i picked one of the toughest times to quit. i have way too much free time on my hands and not enough to do. if i were married or had kids there would be distractions. but regardless, there is never an 'easy' time to quit, so all of that is just an excuse. but anyway, the point is that i woudl still really like to have a smoke. right now i'm winning the battle , its kind of like 51% me in control and 49% nicotine wanting control back - i've got just enough to fend it off.

- the first week sucked, and week 2 is much better even on the higher dosage (i was worried side effects woudl get worse, but they haven't, they've actually gotten better - maybe because im not smoking, who knows). but part of me still wonders when i'll stop feeling anxious about not smoking.

- when i was a smoker i never had a temper. i jsut let everything in life roll off my back. now im finding my patience isn't what it use to be. im not losing control or anything, but if someone cuts me off in traffic i curse to myself and get frustrated about it for 10 seconds or so. whereas before is someone cut me off i'd just have a cig and laugh about them being bad drivers.

- my appetite is way up. although i haven't gained any weight since starting chantix. and while my appetite is up, its not out of control. in past quits i'd just want to eat handfuls of sugar ;) but with chantix i just feel maybe 25% more hungry than normal, and eating healthy food takes care of the hunger. heck i was driving around today and was starving - you all know that feeling when your starving and you just have a smoke to and the hunger goes away for an hour or two. well i managed to stay hungry for 2 or so hours with no smoke and not buying any smokes - so its not so bad that you have to eat or smoke to deal with it.

but a lot of what id call cons are things i dont think chantix can help with. i mean, normal living includes getting anxious at times, getting upset at times, etc.

im just so use to being sooo even keel as a smoker that its goign to take time to get use to being more emotional and interactive with the world around me. this will sound strange, but without smokes around to dull life you FEEL life more - both the good things and the bad things.

anyway, i came very close to buying a pack today. i didn't so much want a pack, but actually just wanted 1 cigarette. i don't knwo if ill be able to hold out the entire week. part of me wants to smoke a cigarette just to see if i have that 'yuck, this is gross' feeling.

we'll see. but either way, i'm going to stay on chantix until i beat smoking. with the side effects now pretty much gone this shouldn't be too hard.

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