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hey folks. first time poster. just turned 33 and decided enoughs enough with smoking (been smoking since i was 19)

unlike many, its not so much physical worries that is making quit, but rather the apathy smoking has brought to my life. when i was young i was always an angry person, then i found smoking and voila, my anger went pretty much away. smoking calmed me right down.

the only problem is that its made me apathetic through out my life. instead of being a 'go getter' i've just shrugged off so much because, hey, i could just have a smoke and whatever was concerning me didn't seem so important.

but enough is enough. this habit has taken so much enjoyment from my life - most if it im sure i don't even realize i've missed out on. i've been self-medicating using cigarettes and enough is enough.

anyway, i've tried the patch, inhaler, and gum. the patch worked well for me, it really quelled the withdrawal symptoms. the problem with the patch though is that it was so easy to simply take it off after the work day and have a smoke - it was too easy to jump off the NRT and 'reward' myself with a genuine cigarette.

the good thing with chantix is that once i take the pill, there's no 'untaking' it. whether i like it or not its going to do its thing. which for someone like me is perfect - it basically means that the only 'motivation' i need is for about 10 seconds when i take the pill in the morning. after that, chantix is in my system and helping me get through the day.

while today is my first day, im so impressed with the drug that i felt like sharing. i'm really amazed. when i have smoke now i don't get the 'ahhhh' feeling. usually id have a smoke about once an hour, when my concentration was starting to fade. but on chantix i've found that my concentration is even throughout the day - and i consider this a big reason for the dulled need to have a smoke.

so far i've had no side effects. i had no queasiness taking it this morning. I did find that i was exhausted this afternoon and had to take a 4 hour nap (hehe, now i can't sleep and its almost 2am). i feel a bit of 'fogginess', but nothing excessive - and to be honest its 'almost' an enjoyable fogginess, 'almost' like the calm i got from smoking.

anyway, given im getting these effects from only one .5mg pill (like i say its my first day) i'm amazed.

also, what i love about this stuff is that it enables a process whereby i end up simple rejecting cigarettes. unlike the patch, where you basically have to STOP smoking, with this stuff i can keep smoking and say 'goodbye' to my old friend slowly. that was my biggest problem with the patch, it was so 'decisive' - i'd realize 'this is the last smoke im ever goign to smoke' the night before, which would then get me thinking about everything i was giving up, and then stressing me out that maybe giving up smoking wasn't the smartest thing to do. id end up smoking twice as much the day before putting on the patch becuase if i succeed these would be hte last smokes id ever have (yet despite that, i never managed to succeed in quiting.)

but with chantix i don't have to think about 'this is my last smoke'. while the urge to 'quit smoking' keeps getting stronger, i know im free at any time to have a smoke and not impeed my progress. as a result the whole fear process of giving up a coping mechanism like smoking isn't present. my smoking today is about 50% of what it normally is, which is amazing for teh first day. all i can do is hope that as the next few weeks go by, my 'habit' gets weaker and weaker and at some point i simply stop smoking all together - from some of the experiences folks on here have had, i'm pretty optimistic that is exactly what is goign to happen.

anyway, i know a lot of folks have had side effects taking chantix. i don't know if i'll develop any, but so far so good. and i don't want to praise this thing too much, since i've only just started taking it, but i can definitively say that this feels unlike other NRTs.

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