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Hi, River :)

Man, listen to Joe. He's spot on.

I didn't want to quit. I needed to quit, knew I should quit, but I really thought I loved smoking. I'd been smoking 20+ years, up to two packs per day for about the last eight years.

I did use Chantix. With previous attempts trying cold turkey or NRT, I missed smoking at around the six- to eight-week mark. I put a lot of emphasis on this quit. I figured Chantix was my last resort here. I knew going in that right around the two-month mark, I was going to really miss smoking. Like Joe talks about, when you're prepared, you can much better handle the stressors and learn to cope.

Being prepared made all the difference in the world. I now look at those previous attempts as lessons to help me when I did finally quit. You should, too. You know you end up "missing" smoking. Address that. Know going in you're going to feel that way and have a plan to deal with it. Plan a vacation at that time or something else to take your mind off those feelings. Or plan nothing and just use that time to really fight! I think it also helps to know what kind of smoker you are. Are you a boredom smoker, i.e., do you smoke just to keep your hands occupied? Or does stress do it to you? I think I was a boredom smoker, so, man, I had to keep my hands and mind busy for about the first 90 days. It helped me to plan a vacation during those 90 days and then be happy on vacation!

I just celebrated five months quit yesterday, and I can honestly say at this point there was very little that I actually "liked" about smoking. That's an addict talking. I definitely like the way I smell now better, the way food tastes, the amount in my bank account, not coughing up brown gunk, not getting sick, not stressing after a meal looking and wanting a smoke, my house not being brown, my clothes and teeth not being brown, being in the "in" crowd.

You can do it. You've done it before :)

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