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There are some steps that can be taken to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

Some of the most common symptoms are being tired, irritability, lack of concentration etc.

What happens a lot of times when we first quit, is that our blood sugar plummets. This is because when we smoked, it caused an interaction in bodies that caused it to release it's own stored fats and cholesterols. This is why smoking acted as an appetite suppresant in a way. A very deadly one to add.

When we quit smoking, our bodies have a hard time doing this on it's own, causing our blood sugar level to plummet.

A good way to combat this is to drink lots of fruit juices and to eat smaller more frequent meals to steadily keep the blood sugar up. They say that the body rights itself within a few days, but I personally believe it takes a little longer.

Besides, getting into the habit of eating smaller more frequent meals can help with weight issues.

Another thing that I saw that was mentioned already is caffeine intake. When we smoked, nicotine hampered the body's ability to absorb and utilize caffeine. When we quit smoking a lot of times people need about 50% of their old consumption to get the same effects.

Drinking their old consumption can really make a person jittery and out of sorts.This can create problems for the quitter, because it can only add to the withdrawal symptoms.

Deep breathing is also a great way to combat the craves and also combat the stress that we may feel when first quitting. Never underestimate the power of deep breathing. It can be very very helpful.

Some people may feel as if they have a cold when first quitting. While that may seem scary, it is only the body getting rid of all the poisons inside it. It is just a healing process.

My major withdrawal symptom was actually kind of strange. It felt as though I was plugged into a light socket. It was like my body was buzzing. Like I was being mildly mildly electrocuted. That is the best way I can explain it.

While the first few days can be a bit annoying and uncomfortable. It does get better. Hang in there! You can quit!


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