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Hi Ornament,

I just caught this and only have a few minutes since I'm at work:mad: LOL to answer this.

Before I do though. I'll just share some of my quitting history. I have tried to quit smoking too many times. I have always felt like a helpless addict that was going to die a smoker. I always felt that I wasn't strong enough to quit.

I have tried to quit with the patch, the gum, cold turkey, zyban and the louzenges. I have never made it very far with any of those quits and I have to say that they all felt horrible, like I was tormenting myself.

Even the first two days of this quit, I used the patch and was having panic attacks. I was at work and was literally going to go buy cigarettes. I got on the internet first, because I was desperate and was looking for a miracle product that may help me quit in the future. I think to alieve the guilt I was having for giving up once again.

I stumbled upon a post talking about Embracing your craves and how a lot of the anxiety people feel when first quitting is being fueled from within themselves. At that moment, I stopped and started focusing on how I was feeling. When I started calming down, to my amazement the panic I was feeling suddenly started easing. It didn't nearly as bad as I thought that it did just moments earlier.

Oh it was still quite annoying, but that's what it turned into annoying, not this drug addict withering on the ground feeling that I was experiencing earlier.

I decided to take off the patch right then. To my amazement, I felt better the next few days and not worse. I actually felt relieved and excited about quitting. I finally felt that I was going to be able to quit. I started studying nicotine addiction and the mechanics of it and how it brainwashed me into believing in the cigarette.

If I were to tell someone the best way to quit. I would say educate yourself. Knowledge is power and it is no more true than when quitting smoking. Knowing how to quit and why you may feel like this or that sometimes, takes away the fear and FEAR is our main enemy when it comes to quitting. I know first hand about that, because I was on both sides of the coin that day.

Like a revelation. I went from terrified of quitting to excited about freeing myself from this deadly addiction. I have never smoked a cigarette since. Not one puff.

Ther is a book mentioned here that I think every quitter should read. It is called "Allen Carr's: Easy Way To Stop Smoking." I guarantee after you read it, you won't see smoking the same way. Though I didn't quit with this book, it is still an excellent read.


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