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I am frustrated...I tried the chantix, and while I was taking it, it helped, but the negative side effects were too much for me....

while I had my problems with nausea (actually vomiting) while taking chantix, the biggest challenge I faced was the fact that I gained weight...

It TOTALLY worked for me with the cravings and I was not smoking. As long as I ate something very light first thing in the am, I would not get sick. The weight gain was RIDICUOLUS. I gained 15 pounds, and my eating habits had not changed one iota. I have recently lost 106 pounds,however, I am still quite overweight....

The weight gain made me give up the chantix, and without the chantix, BAM, I am right back to where I was before. Well, not exactly...I was a 2 and a half to 3 pack a day smoker, and have worked back up to just over a pack a day. I am NOT proud of myself, but I worked so hard to lose the weight, and it is just NOT an option to gain it back. Since being off of the chantix, I have lost the 15 pounds, and another 3. I was on the chantix 10 weeks, and have been off for since Mid October.

Part of my weight loss is due to the fact that I take Topamax for Migraines. Does anyone know if there is a drug interaction precaution for topamax and chantix?? I'm wondering if this is why I gained the weight.

I hope to quit again...this time cold turkey, on The Great American Smoke out day...

I am disgusted with have gotten so far, only to go backwards. I hate the smell, the taste, and what it does to my health. My hubbs hates it too, and naturally he is a non-smoker.

Any suggestions on what I might do to cold turkey it, and conquer this smoking demon??? I have been smoking since I was 18 and am now 47, will be 48 in February!!! That's a LOOOONG time.

Thanks for the read and sorry so long.


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